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Day 1184 – Blue Jockey String Bikinis from @SuckTarzan

April 12, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

Day 1184 - 04122015


These are from quite a special source. They’ve cum (literally, as I got them covered in his cum) to me worn by none other than our Guest Bulge SuckTarzan. He wore them a few times for me and then kept covering them in cum as he jerked his horny cock off into them for me. They are so super sexy on him…and I don’t think I do them the justice he did. I haven’t worn a pair in this style in a long time, but I love that he wore them before I got them. I spoke to him today about wearing them, and he said I could talk about getting them from him and include one of his pics…so there you go…me and SuckTarzan in them. Hope you like! If you like the looks of him, go follow him on Twitter and Tumblr – links are in the post.



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Day 1183 – Black Mesh Good Devil Briefs

April 11, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

Day 1183 - frontThese are a bit scandalous for #showpantssaturday. They are mesh and see through. You can see it all! Everything is on display here in these. They are so comfortable and were so easy to wear all day long. I will admit to wanting something a bit risque and fun for date night and a bit of fun.Day 1183 - back

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Day 1182 – Black Andrew Christian Happy Briefs

April 10, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

Day 1182 - 04102015Because I’m Happy…it’s Friday, after all. I have no idea what makes these briefs happy as opposed to just your basic Almost Naked briefs from Andrew Christian, but I’ll take them being called Happy. They fit well, feel great and I love the Almost Naked pouch…as always. These are the briefs in black with some nice blue highlighting.

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Day 1181 – Gregg Homme Blue Plaid Thong

April 9, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

Day 1181 - back No clue what this one was called, or what line it was from, I just knew that when I saw it I had to have it. I loved the colour and pattern on this one…and the material is so soft and silky smooth. When I got these off Cheap Undies, I got another pair of briefs as well – in the same pattern…can’t wait to wear them! Day 1181 - front

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Day 1180 – Pink AussieBum Briefs

April 8, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

Day 1180 - 04082015On Wednesday’s we wear pink! At least that’s the case in Mean Girls territory, and around here, I’m the Queen Bee. He He. Anyway…on Wednesday’s we wear pink…or jockstraps. I was aiming for a pink jock, but I couldn’t find the one I thought I had…which means, I probably am imagining having one. These are some really soft and lush AusieBum briefs that I have loved having on all day.

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Day 1179 – Light Blue Gregg Homme Trunks

April 7, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

Day 1179 - 04072015 - back Now these have been fun all day! So amazing to have on. So slinky and soft under my jeans. I love the light blue of these and how soft and shiny they are all at once. You’d think something this shiny couldn’t be soft, but they so are. I am a fan of the little cut out at the back side and the elastic that runs down along your ass crack to accentuate all the right places. Not to mention the fun addition of a pouch in these. Great for a number of things! Day 1179 - 04072015 - front

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Day 1178 – Turquiose Zayn Briefs

April 6, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

Day 1178 - 04062015This is my second pair of Zayn – loved the colour on these and wanted to try them out. Not sure I’m a fan now that I’ve had them on all day. They are quite comfortable and so very easy to wear, but they are a bit big for me. Not size wise, but just way too much material for my liking. I’m not sure if they are briefs or trunks, but I swear I had ordered briefs. These are just really full. They’ve been great to have on all day – don’t get me wrong, just not the briefs I thought they’d be. Guessing I’m going to have pass them along to another one of the blog boys to try.

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Day 1177 – Blue Victoria’s Secret Panties

April 5, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

Day 1177 - 04052015Was time to do something a bit different. It’s been a while since I did anything out of the box. Some of the other guys have been wearing panties and posting about them, so why not wear a pair as well. It’s been a while since I have worn a pair of panties, but will admit to owning a few pair. I think that the thing about panties is the material. Once you get past the whole wearing women’s panties bit and concentrate on how super soft and stretchy they are…you forget they came from Victoria’s Secret. At least I did. I will say that as colourful as men’s drawers have become in recent years, we are still put to shame by the women in that dept. So many colours and patterns.

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Day 1176 – Union Jack Sukrew Briefs

April 4, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

Day 1176 - frontHave had these for a while…always wanted the briefs in the Union Jack pattern! I love the pouch on them with the contrasting red. The sexy Brit isn’t a fan of them…he’s not over his anti-UK yet. We’ll get him there. Figures…I meet a Brit and he wants nothing to do with the motherland, for now. Just my luck! Happens I guess. Had a party to go to today for a friend (and fellow underwear lover’s) birthday. Brought him a sexy pair of 2xist briefs…hopefully he will enjoy and maybe we can convince him to show off in them on here! Day 1176 - back

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*** Wearing Mesh or Less for Spring – DJ Bakelite ***

April 4, 2015 in 2xist, Andrew Christian, DJ Bakelite, DJBakelite, gregg homme, mesh, Sukrew, thong, Y-Back by DJ Bakelite

Underwear worn in these photos:

  IMG_2760 copy Mesh Leggings

Gregg Homme Torrid Brief

Kiniki Swimwear

2xist Y-back Thong

Tropis Swimwear Pouch bikini

Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Gigolo Jock Thong

Howe Ray Mesh See Through Pants 

Doreanse Mens String Body Suit

Sukrew U-Brief

IMG_2568 IMG_2575 IMG_2585 IMG_2615  IMG_2788 copy IMG_2811 copy IMG_2826 copy IMG_2830 copy IMG_2921 copy IMG_2935 copy IMG_2953 copy

IMG_2894 copy IMG_2896 copy IMG_2909 copy IMG_2858 copy IMG_2887 copy

Enjoy.  More to cum!  -DJ Bakelite