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Briefs or a Jock?

July 29, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

IMG_0153How about a bit of both??? It’s Wednesday, and I have a busy day ahead of me, so I wasn’t sure – with all this HEAT and all the up and down I would be doing all day if I wanted a smaller jock. I decided something a bit fuller would be a better option, but I still wanted to honour jockstrap wednesday, so I searched the collection for a brief-jock from Andrew Christian. This light blue one was the first I found. I love it as it’s still a jockstrap, but the front is a bit fuller and fits more like a brief. Love that Almost Naked pouch!!IMG_0154

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Basic Black…

July 28, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

07282015I think it might just be a counter to all the jazzy stuff I’ve been wearing for July. I went for basic and boring, but oh so comfortable! Just a pair of basic black Andrew Christian Almost Naked briefs today…but how can you complain about those? Well…the fact that black does nothing to really accentuate your bulge…but otherwise…it’s all good!

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Another Jazzy July post…

July 27, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

07272015This might be my last official Jazzy July post. I wasn’t aware, when I picked this theme month, that I had as many undies I would consider Jazzy as I do. These are a pair of 2xist No Show briefs – can’t remember the line that they’re from within the 2xist ranges…but they are quite jazzy. Lots of geometric prints amongst the blue of the briefs! Quite silky and comfortable!

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by AJ

jazzy july

July 27, 2015 in Personal by AJ

this month is jazzy guy and when i asked greg what he meant he said anything that makes you feel jazzy or something thats jazzy looking well i have to say i don’t have much of that! but i post a pair that the undies guru gave me that i feel has a jazzy waist band, hom sport baby blue i know its not my best but it is what it is! stay posted cause we have a review coming up soon from bum chums and a few of us are doing them so keeps those eyes peeled for them! other wise keep it easy and have a good one!FullSizeRender-3

Blow Me…

July 26, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

07262015It’s another flight day for me! I’m heading back home…for a few weeks anyway. I decided that I just wanted to be comfortable for my flight home…it’s not that long from Dallas, but might as well be comfortable if I can! Pulled these purple Andrew Christian Blow briefs out of the drawer and threw them on to stay comfortable all day. Once I’m home mid afternoon…I’ll still have to run a few errands and get ready for the week.

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July 25, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

07252015so…when you’re in Dallas, you apparently go to Tallywackers these days. It is the male equivalent of Hooters. They boys wear skimpy shorts and a tight tank. The place wasn’t full, the food was okay and the service was nothing to write home about. It wasn’t a horrible experience, but in the heart of the gayborhood, I expected them to be a bit more welcoming of their gay clientele. They flirted with the women…but felt like they couldn’t wait for us to get out of there. Wouldn’t recommend…except for some eye candy. Had these black AussieBum briefs on all day…very comfy and easy to wear…

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It’s getting HOT in here..

July 24, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

07242015I thought NYC was bad! I forgot how hot and sticky it can get in Dallas! OMG – got in the rental yesterday and it read 109 on the dashboard! 109!!! What the actual fuck! It’s 11 am and already 90 something here. OMG. I am in shorts and a tee right now, with these navy Andrew Christian Blow briefs underneath, but have to switch to jeans and a button down for a meeting later on…ughhh…that will be oppressive! At least the undies are comfortable!

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July 23, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

07232015There are always people that tell me how glamorous my life is since I get to travel regularly. They have no idea what travel regularly means. It means dealing with testy and pissy TSA agents who take their anger and aggression out on travelers. It means airlines who used to be amazing, but no longer care as much as they should and have taken their past track record for granted. It means pissy hotel staff. It means, that to the normal traveler that wouldn’t necessarily notice any of those things, I do and get more and more frustrated with having to spend this much time on the road. Oh well, at least I was in comfortable undies with these Andrew Christian Retro Pop (w/Show It) briefs.

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Sharknado 3

July 22, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

IMG_0143I can’t believe that I am watching this right now…actually I can. It’s quite hysterical. I’m being made fun of along the way. The bf is in a sense of disbelief that this is actually a thing. I think he is taking it seriously. He can’t see the fun in all of it…or they hysterical nature of the absurdity of it all! He’s not appreciating it right now. I had this funky Andrew Christian Blow Jock/Thong on today…love the bright yellow for the fun and funky colour pop! IMG_0144

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July 21, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

07212015I can’t believe that as I sit here and type up tonight’s post that I’ve got the original Sharknado on. The one that started it all. So insane. They’re just about to get to the old folks home and blow some shark up in the pool…too funny. Can’t believe that I’m watching this…what’s worse is I couldn’t find anything better on. The hundreds of channels I get and this is the best I can do for the evening…my life fails tonight! I’ve had these black and blue AussieBum Pop briefs on all day…wicked comfortable.

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