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Sleeping Onesie

November 16, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

IMG_0313Decided to test drive this onesie on this trip. Super light weight…super comfortable…super easy to wear. Super easy to pack…rolls up and hardly takes up any space at all.IMG_0314

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Flight Day…

November 15, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

11152015I will admit that I am a bit nervous about getting on a flight today. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that. The terrorism that took place in Paris is a bit unsettling. I travel all the time…I am on the road quite a lot but things like this spook me a bit. Decided that I’m safe and on Virgin Atlantic and should just go! I wore these sexy purple double fly Andrew Christian briefs on the flight and be comfortable. Not to mention sexy.

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Friday the 13th…

November 14, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

11142015I realize that was yesterday, but as I was typing up the post from yesterday, it didn’t dawn on me. I was a bit thrown off by all of the chaos that was being reported on the news about the attacks in Paris…such a strange and startling world out there bulgers…go embrace life and live it! Was in these basic purple Andrew Christian Almost Naked briefs as I ran around and packed today…flight early in the am…off to London for a few days to cover a meeting.

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November 13, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

11132015Before you realize it, it’s Movember. That month of months when the guys in your life stop shaving to raise money for Prostate Cancer. Because I donate to everyone else I know that participates, and because I look about 12 without facial hair, I chose to buy these mustache boxerbriefs last year from Tommy John that donated money to the same cause. Easier, more stylish and much more comfortable!

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Thong Thursday

November 12, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

IMG_0308Does anyone else even participate in Jockstrap Wednesday or Thong Thursday anymore? I’m not wholly sure to be honest. I try to participate when I remember and I’m home…this is a blue N2N Bodywear thong in basic cotton. I’ve had it for a while…but it is so comfortable and easy to wear…you almost forget that you have it on…no, seriously.IMG_0309

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Jockstrap Wednesday!!

November 11, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

IMG_0307I know I haven’t participated in Jockstrap Wednesday a lot lately, I’m trying to make a point, when I’m at home and not traveling to participate. This is an older jock from 2xist…and it’s oh so soft and comfortable…almost feels worn in…think it might have been called the Retro line…but I’m not sure anymore! IMG_0306

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Blow Me

November 10, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

11102015I’m a bit horny today…and decided to wear that on my sleeve…well, on my waist band. These are a pair of Blow briefs from Andrew Christian in bright purple. I had to have them when I saw the colour…but with the hang free pouch and the sexy piping colors….how could I erefuse?? Besides, it makes me a bit naughty to walk around with Blow around my waist…asking for a Blowjob! That fits in perfectly with #naughtynovember…our current theme month!

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I can’t believe it’s Monday…

November 9, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

11092015this is getting insane. I feel like I don’t have any free time anymore…just when I get settled into the weekend, it’s time to go to work again and Monday rolls around. What’s up with that shit??? I wanted nothing but comfort today, so I pulled open the drawer and saw these Maroon Andrew Christians…I knew they were perfect for the day.

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It’s My Party…

November 8, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

11082015and I’ll cry if I want to! Well, there’s no crying today. Just my birthday…not going to do much…don’t want to. Having dinner with the babe and some friends later on and I’m pretty sure he’s got something planned for me, but I’m not 100%. We’ll see. I wanted to be sexy…to look it and feel it. I got these ribbed N2NBodywear briefs a while ago and hadn’t worn them yet…so figured it was worth it today!

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More of the Same…

November 7, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

11072015I’ve been into the speedos as undies kick I’ve been on. Not sure what got me into the trend, but I’m loving that I am. There wasn’t much going on this Saturday, but I wanted to feel sexy, so figured I couldn’t go wrong with a pair of speedos. These are a pair of Andrew Christian Almost Naked style bikinis…not sure I would actually wear these to the beach or pool…but they’re hot to wear as undies!

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