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Fresh Briefs…

August 23, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

08232015Haven’t had much new by way of N2N Bodywear for a while, and when there was a huge sale recently, I snatched up a few pair. These are a pair of their Fresh briefs, in Dreamy Blue. There is something about N2N Bodywear…they have been one of the collections/brands that I have been passionate about from the beginning. There was something about their colours and fabrics. Not to mention that they were one of the few brands that had a bit of a pouch to them giving you more of an anatomical lift.

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Touch Me…

August 22, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

08222015touch me now…I wanna feel your body…your heart beat next to mine. If you’re old enough to remember those lyrics, forgive me. If you’re not…google that shit. Anyway…I’m wearing a pair of 2xist no show briefs today from the touch line. They are super soft and super comfortable. So easy to wear. They are a brand that I have worn from the beginning of my collection. They are one of the brands that spurred my addiction…

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It’s What Inside that counts…

August 21, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

08212015or so we’re told, no? Given that it is #alloutaugust here, and given that I am trying to post something relating to any of our themes all month long, I am giving it my all. These are just a basic pair of purple Andrew Christian Almost Naked briefs, which means a great anatomical pouch in them. They give a bit of bulge, naturally, to the wearer. Love how comfortable and easy to wear they are and that colour Purple…mmmm.

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The Rexx Reviews: Deluxe G-String by Good Devil

August 21, 2015 in Good Devil by Adam Rexx

Good Devil is a Miami-based clothing company specializing in unique underwear and swimwear for men. While there are some underwear brands that never seem to get outside the box (pun intended), Good Devil really seems to hit the nail on the head with regard to having an exclusive assortment of different styles. also puts Grindr to shame if you want to look at some high-quality shots of practically nude headless torsos. Thanks!

In these pictures I’m wearing the Good Devil Deluxe G-String. My waist size is 31″ and I’m wearing a medium. The Deluxe G-String is a nylon-spandex blend, solid black, with a thin light grey stripe on the front pouch. I work out four to five days a week, lay out in the sun naked at least twenty minutes every other day during the Summer, eat very small amounts of bland food, and cry myself to sleep alone every night while asking myself, “why I am still single?” to reduce water-weight. Also, sometimes I take Claritin-D with my coffee in the morning to give myself an extra boost of energy for the day. Now I would like to present to you my review of the Deluxe G-String by Good Devil.

The quality of the Good Devil Deluxe G-String is reasonable for the price-point, which ranges from ten to twenty dollars depending on the style. The design and fit are satisfactory, whereas the garment contains a few stitch flaws and did not appear to have been pre-washed, which consequently left stripes of black dye on my waist. As for the test run, I first decided to wear the Deluxe G-String on a date to assess its level of comfort. My plan from there was to test the durability and crowd-pleasing factor while go-go dancing at Fubar in West Hollywood. Despite its lavish design, the Deluxe G-String was actually quite comfortable to wear on the date – I almost forgot I had them on. Unfortunately, I was unable to get back on stage at Fubar that night; however, the Deluxe G-String proved durable enough to make it through the date, as well as one wash, and the pain of being rejected by a club promoter who I thought was attractive.

I highly recommend pre-washing this garment before wearing it out. I washed my Good Devil Deluxe G-String in a special garment bag, in cold water, with like colors, and on the delicate cycle, and then laid it flat to dry.

Overall, I give the Good Devil Deluxe G-String a rating of Dating Material! Since I was unable to test the crowd-pleasing factor at Fubar that one night when I stayed at home and sat in the dark by myself eating baby carrots and lemon slices instead, I want to know from you – what do you think?



August 20, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

IMG_0190Another day, and another entry into our #alloutaugust campaign/theme month. I’m really trying to do my best to get something posted every day in August to really go all out! These are a great Gregg Homme thong that I’ve had on all day today…nothing absolutely amazing, but they let your ass hang out, and they have a bit of a pouch up front to give you a bit of a boost…even under the tightest jeans! IMG_0191

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by AJ

all out august Anatomical

August 20, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by AJ

hey guys this is a post for august theme all out we were all given different choices from a different ways to be all out! lol i choose anatomical enhancing the junk!! so heres mine they are a hand me down but so very new from greg so they kinda are like a double post in my eyes but!! figured this was a great pair for this theme, these a shade of blue green N2N briefs and i wore these under my scrubs the other day lets just say i didn’t realize how many people look when its pushing out more!! so heres a few pics and enjoy!

FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender-4 FullSizeRender-5 FullSizeRender-6

On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink…

August 19, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

IMG_0188On Wednesday’s we wear pink…and Jockstraps! I decided to combine the two into this one post – a pink air jock/jockbrief. It’s amazing. I love the Almost Naked line from Andrew Christian and these definitely please. There’s a great pouch to them…and that is definitely a great show. There is something so comfortable about an Almost Naked pouch that makes it so easy to wear all day. These, as they are assless also qualify for and #alloutaugust as they are #anatomicalaugust and #asslessaugust! Loving it! IMG_0189

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August 18, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

08182015I wasn’t sure about the name of this line when I bought them originally. Used. I mean, I’m not opposed to a well worn pair of undies…and have had several from friends over the years. But to name a whole line of new undies Used…I just wasn’t sure. They are super soft though…and there are worn patches on these briefs which make areas appear see through…a very sexy addition to these. I have absolutely loved having them on all day and with the addition of a bit of a pouch to them, they fall well within the #anatomicalaugust category and since AussieBum was one of the brands that I have been wearing the longest throughout my addiction, they definitely qualify for #addictiveaugust.

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by Jake

All out August-Ass out

August 18, 2015 in Uncategorized by Jake



It is All out August so I decided on “Ass out”

I have always been mostly a thong guy but with all the new options of styles of jockstrap exposed ass type underwear coming out, I had to try them. Of course Dakota likes them on me so that helps too.


Here are some of my favorite ass out underwear.


DSCI0001 DSCI0002


DSCI0003 DSCI0004 DSCI0005 DSCI0006 DSCI0007 DSCI0008 DSCI0009 DSCI0010


August 17, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

IMG_0184it’s like a heatwave out there…well, nothing like about it, there is a heatwave going on in NYC. It’s sweltering HOT, humid and all kinds of sticky and not in a good way at all. It is supposed to break in the next few days but remains to be seen whether it will. I wore these Andrew Christian Trophy Boy briefs today…they are a bit fun, actually. I saw the mesh on the ass of these in the pink and yellow – in such contrast to the navy blue of the briefs that I had to have them! They have a great pouch to them, making them perfect for #alloutaugust as an #anatomicalaugust selection. IMG_0185

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