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by AJ

review Delio Dietz Brighton

March 26, 2015 in review by AJ

we have bunch of reviews coming up for all you undies fans out there

for review we were lucky to get from Delio Dietz!!!, its a european company that landed in brazil and has been making really amazing underwear and swimwear for us. check out there page for for their full line up and what you may be interested in. their principal is make underwear of high quality and comfort and to promote self confidence, and to think out side the box! now thats awesome!

up for review i got a pair of Brighton briefs in yellow with blue contrasting! these you have to size up i got a large and they fit perfect. click the link to be taken right to them and buy a pair i highly recommend!

these are wicked comfortable and i have to say they fit perfect from the leg openings to the butt coverage and i thought for a large was going to be to much these are absolutely perfect, the junk great but one down side but is also a plus for you lookers and growers they is plenty of space and the fabric stretches well. throne downside i didn’t care for but I’m gonna be honest i after wards thought it was that they are single or not double fabric in the front so make sure u shake well before you tuck it back in but it does leave you to be a lil on display but i found it fun!

i vote these match made in heaven

huge thank you to deli dietz for letting us review their item and hope they trust us again to review more items

like always any question just ask!!

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Day 1166 – Navy 2xist Metal Jockstrap

March 25, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

IMG_4851This is one of my favourite lines ever from the major brand 2xist. They got so much right with this line. Fabric. Cut. Waistband. All of it! The material is so soft and easy to wear. It just caresses your skin when you slide it on and feels so amazing! The jock pouch on this is not too small and not to big, but for me, just the right size. The best feature for this jock, for me, is that the leg straps are made of the same material that the jock pouch is made of, making it really sexy to have on all day and not at all binding! IMG_4854

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Day 1165 – Purple Body Q Trunks

March 24, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI have to admit to being a bit skeptical about these trunks when I bought them. They were a bit feminine and girly, but I was really drawn to the look and the fabric, so I figured, they were on sale at cheap undies and weren’t that expensive, so why not give it them a shot? Worst case scenario, I didn’t like them and I passed them on to another blogger. I was pleasantly surprised, they were comfortable to have on all day, and I really did enjoy them. They still might be passed onto a fellow blogger though as I fear they might shrink in the wash and won’t ever fit the same again.

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Mesh March!!

March 23, 2015 in Personal by cameronfosterx

27As it’s Mesh March here on Undies101, I wanted to contribute my post for the month! This is a really comfortable mesh pair of underwear. I like the way its breathable and allows for smooth movement. Made by Andrew Christian. I do not have many mesh like material undies but this one is inspiring to get more! This I would say is good for more activities from a sexy night out to even getting in a workout. Thanks for having me here to share my, have a great month Everyone!

Twitter @CameronFosterx

Cheers, Cameron

Day 1164 – Blue Pikante Mesh Briefs

March 23, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s Mesh March!!! I’d already posted one for Mesh March…although not as see through as these. Some of the boys got these to review, and you’ve already seen Josh in his. I had a pair of these floating around my drawer, so I decided I should do a full on Mesh March post to go with Dakota’s and our Guest Bulge post for Mesh March. These are some really comfortable briefs, but really see through. For as skimpy as they are, you feel like you have nothing on and it’s such a great feeling all day long. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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Day 1163 – Black Andrew Christian Blow Briefs

March 22, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

Blow Me! It’s what I would like to say to anyone that sees me in these! If only anyone had…or wanted to! These are super comfortable, although I am a bit off put by the raised lettering on the waistband…it makes it seem a bit cheap and tawdry…but I guess that is the direction that Andrew Christian is going these days…cheap(er) and tawdry. One wonders why I still enjoy some of his stuff. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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by Dakota


March 22, 2015 in mesh by Dakota

Hello my fellow undie-sluts ;-)

I suggested Mesh March as the theme to Greg and he went with it!  I figured there are so many mesh options out on the market these days, as underwear companies are catering to men’s sexy side too now.  From more athletic style mesh, to sheer thin see through, to large gaping holes….there is not a shortage of hot “mesh” options to pick from!  I wanted to share some of my favorite mesh gear items with you, although  you should see my other half Jake’s collection of mesh sexy undies.  He has way more than I do :-)

It’s March, so why not start off with my favorite color green in honor of St. Patty’s Day and all us Irish boys!  These are a great mesh pouchy brief from one of my faves, N2N.  This is a thin sheer “power net” mesh style, leaving nothing to the imagination.  The green color is unique and sexy.  The cut and fit is perfect, nice and snug in the ass and an awesome bulge lifting built in pouch in the front.

300. 301

They are so slinky and sexy!  Perfect for a reveal under dress pants or suit…or just on their own!

Next is a sexy athletic big open weave mesh jock from Andrew Christian.  It has a built in “cup” like pouch that you push everything into, which puts everything up front and center in the revealing mesh pouch.  I would love to see the gym boys wearing these under their gym shorts!  The big mesh kinda rubs and teases everything quite nicely and helps keep a nice full profile :-)


Finally, I chose an awesome N2N favorite again-a hot pair of low cut running tights with built in mesh panels on the legs and ass!  These are not for the timid, and are a great way to show some skin while still staying covered up.  I need to find a fun venue/situation to wear these.  I love the design and how it gives hint of skin, especially above the ass!

304 305 306

Anyone wanna go for a run?

Whether you want to sexy it up underneath or more daringly on the outside-you can find some HOT styles out there to do it in!

Happy Spring my friends-almost time to strip down and show more skin!







Day 1162 – Zayn Union Jack Briefs

March 21, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI got these a while ago, shipping from Down Under has taken longer and longer these days. Anyway, I had wanted to try this brand, and had reached out to them for the blog. I bought these…but there are more on the way for the boys to review…so look out for those coming soon!! These are a simple pair of grey briefs, full cut, so a bit more coverage than I am used to. I love the union jack on the front that draws the eye exactly where you’d want it to go.

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Day 1161 – Black Andrew Christian Dare Briefs

March 20, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI’m wrapping out my week in Cincinnati…I feel like I just landed, but my time is almost up. That’s my life at this point – an endless circle of flights and hotel rooms. This has been one of the nicer hotels, albeit a bit creepy. Not creepy in a scary way…creepy in a the Shining…ritualistic sacrifices are being made way. These are the Dare briefs I’ve been sporting all day…wicked comfortable and very easy to wear!

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Day 1160 – Purple Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Spider Thong

March 19, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIn no way, shape or form do I consider myself a trophy boy. They are advertised on the AC website as being for those more well endowed among us. I am not one of those. A while ago though I bought a pair that weren’t advertised as Trophy Boy, but when I got them, were. They fit nicely and the pouch/package on them didn’t seem any different than the typical Almost Naked pouch. Seemed like a bit of false advertising…so I decided to try something else Trophy Boy – this purple thong. My original assessment stands. I don’t feel like these are all that much different than Almost Naked and I clearly fill them out no differently than an Almost Naked pouch, so not sure where all the room for those more well endowed comes from. Marketing is my guess.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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