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by AJ

hows all?

September 28, 2015 in Uncategorized by AJ

hey people well fall is rolling in and I’m not so happy about it I’m trying to hold on to summer as hard as possible!  posting a little something bright in hopes of having a few more sunny days!FullSizeRender-4

by AJ

sexy september

September 26, 2015 in Uncategorized by AJ

hey guys keeping up with theme months heres my sexy september its not as great as the rest of these guys but i always feel sexy in calvins!

so these are my sexy blue and pink striped briefs hope you like!FullSizeRender-3

by Jake

Sexy September-Jake

September 24, 2015 in Uncategorized by Jake

Hey all, It is sexy September.

I gathered some new and some favorites that make me feel sexy or think are just sexy on anyone.

I love my sheer/ semi see thru underwear and this Cock Sox is one of my favorites.


Of course, I think thongs are sexy and love this comfy cotton thong from Hades.



DSCI0004 DSCI0005

Now let me mix see thru with a thong and I am in heaven.


DSCI0006 DSCI0007

We can’t forget about jocks. How can you not love a jock?


DSCI0008 DSCI0009

and finally my newest Andrew Christian honeymoon souvenir underwear from Palm Springs. Sexy and comfortable.


DSCI0010 DSCI0011

by Dakota

Sexy September

September 23, 2015 in Uncategorized by Dakota

Hey guys!  It’s sexy September, so I dug around to find what bright and sexy skimpy undies I have not shown off on here yet.  It has been a crazy few months with moving, new jobs, a wedding and more!  Half of my underwear is still packed away.  I hate to admit, I have worn more trunks lately and not as much of my skimpy normal wear.

But I have gotten a few fun items this summer that deserve their five minutes 😉  This bright AC jock was a recent buy on our honeymoon in Palm Springs.  I love the bright neon yellow trim and all the fun cutouts!

32 33

I tend to like bright yellow I guess….this Cocksox bikini is super skimpy and super soft.  I love the pouch.


This 2eros jock is super fun, and has a different cut/style to it.  I bought this in Dallas at the amazing Skivvies.


Finally, this AC jock/thong has been floating around in my drawer for a while so I decided to pull it out. I love the color combo and the fit!




No matter how you look at it, a skimpy cut jock or thong in a bright color or pattern definitely cranks up the sexy factor :-)



by Jake

Good Devil Strung up Cock Ring Review

September 23, 2015 in Uncategorized by Jake

I had the privilege to try out The Strung up  Cock Ring from Good Devil.

I have tried many different cock rings before but never one with suspenders.

The ring portion is 90% nylon and 10% spandex so is it a bit stretchy. It attaches around the goods with Velcro. I like that can be adjust for any comfort level. The nylon and spandex along with the adjustability made for a comfortable fit.

It has thin straps that attach at the ring portion and wrap around the back of your neck. The suspender like straps are removable.



I had to adjust the straps to the longest length for it to fit and it definitely pulled all the equipment up helping out the bulge look in underwear.



I found the straps kinda awkward under clothes but I did like the tug and pull on the cock ring as you move around. Keeps a reminder of your strapped up equipment whenever you move.

Under the right clothes I doubt anyone would know you were wearing this and at the right party makes for a great accessories.

I doubt I would wear this everyday but this will definitely be in my drawer waiting for the right situation to arise.

Wrong again…

September 20, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

09202015ordered 3 pair of these…thankfully they were super cheap…this is the last pair that I have to wear…they are not right for me…and I think I have found a home for all of them with my fellow bloggers…so stay tuned, you might see them on some of the other guys!

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September 19, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

IMG_0231up front…not so much in the rear. Sometimes what appears sexy, isn’t always the case. These were amazing in when I saw them from the front, and I feel like they look super sexy from the front…nice pouch action too…but from the Brazilian cut back…they are all wrong! IMG_0232

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Basic Black…

September 18, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

09182015sometimes…even the basics can be sexy if they are executed well and worn with confidence. Why do you need fancy gizmos inside your undies to inflate yourself? you don’t. a nicely placed pouch will work wonders…and if the cut is right…the undies, however basic are super sexy!

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You better Twerk…

September 16, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

09172015I’ve never learned how to Twerk, but I do enjoy the briefs from that line…however colourful and no matter how much I feel like Twerking is contributing to the decline in society these days.

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September 16, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

09162015Aussiebums…Billy Briefs…soft…sexy…easy to wear…not much more to say today.

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