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*** Clever and ManSilk on DJ Bakelite ***

August 23, 2014 in DJ Bakelite, DJBakelite, mesh, thong, Uncategorized by DJ Bakelite

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Greetings everyone.  I hope you are enjoying the last weeks of Summer before Labor Day is upon us.

Just a few shots here of some of my favorite underwear.


Mansilk products available at by clicking —-> here <—-

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Clever products available at by clicking here —–> here <—-

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More to cum -DJ Bakelite

Day 957 – Light Blue Dominik Bikinis

August 23, 2014 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAWhen I bought these, I wasn’t searching for them. I was searching for something else from the company (and found it) and then saw these as well, and well, had to have them! These are tiny and sit really low on your waist. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about that at first, but I actually quite enjoyed having them on all day. They definitely sit a little lower on the waist than I had initially thought, and yet, provide full coverage in the rear. They’re quite comfortable and the material against your skin feels amazing! RWraith55 and I each have another pair of undies from this company and when we post you’ll get to see us both in the same pair!

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Blog 37: JustifyMyLove underwear Review Part 1

August 23, 2014 in brief/jock, briefs, cut out, Personal, review, Uncategorized by Bulge Boy

So I’ve got a few new pairs of underwear from an awesome online sex store called JustifyMyLove. These underwear are all Svenjoyment underwear, it’s not what I would call a designer brand, but it is a sexy brand!


The first pair are these very sexy Open Crotch Boxer Brief which you can get here 90% Polyester and 10% Elastane. They leave NOTHING to the imagination and I love them, definitely a summer boxer as you don’t want a winter chill blowing over your bits!


The second pair are these really cute Low Rise Red Dot Briefs which you can get here, Surprisingly these are made from the same fabric as the Open Crotch Boxer Briefs above but with a very different outcome. The slightly mesh material is cut low on the hip and the pouch at the front is for me at least a little restricting, these for me aren’t an all day underwear, but do very nicely for a little bit of bedroom fun or if I want to walk around my house in my underwear for a bit.


CYMERA_20140821_171106 CYMERA_20140821_171137 CYMERA_20140821_171158

The third and final pair in this review are these super sexy Silver Wet Look Boxers which again you can get here. Now I say they are sexy, but not entirely practical for the more well endowed man as there is no pouch. You’re just sort of crammed in, which is why I moved my man to the side. Secondly and for me this was a rather big problem, I have skinny legs. Now this is not the underwears fault, i’m not blaming them! But, the legs seems aren’t tight to my thighs and therefore when walking around my cock falls out the leg hole, ALOT!

CYMERA_20140821_171339 CYMERA_20140821_171421 CYMERA_20140821_171443

Either way JustifyMyLove do some amazing underwear and hell they do a lot of other stuff that i’ll be reviewing on my Xtube page. For news and competitions though check them out on Twitter and Facebook

Day 957 – Neon Yellow Andrew Christian Almost Naked Briefs

August 22, 2014 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI am still finding it really odd to be posting these in the morning – the day after. I could post them in the evening on the day of like I normally do when I’m at home, but that would mean they are posting at like 3 or 4 am home time and nobody would be looking at them. Alas, for now and the remainder of this trip, I’ll be posting in the am the day after so it posts on the day I actually wore them at home! =) The perks of being a time traveler and being almost a full day ahead of the rest of the world.

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Day 956 – Dusty Blue N2N Bodywear Vintage G

August 21, 2014 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s thong thursday and since I’m on the road, that means I’ve brought along some thongs for the journey! This is one from N2N Bodywear. It is part of the vintage line and this colour is dusty blue. I have to say, as far as thongs/gstrings go it is really comfortable. I tend to forget that I have a thong on. I like this because I do enjoy the pouch on N2N’s stuff. It feels just right. Not too big, but not too small. Let’s face it, nobody likes to have a ton of extra fabric and looking like they can’t fill it, and nobody likes it so small that you get crushed (well, at least I don’t). The dusty blue is just perfect for me! Love it. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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Day 955 – Teal Andrew Christian Color Vibe Comfort Jock

August 20, 2014 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAhave to admit, it’s been a bit odd to be posting these at random morning times for the undies I wore the day before. Such is what happens when I am time traveling and Down Under. Wore this teal color vibe comfort jock today and it is always a bit odd when I pull them out at first, the leg straps are not attached to the jock at all in the back – they’re only attached to the pouch. That coupled with the key hole up front…makes this a bit of a revealing jock! Woohoo!!SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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Day 954 – Navy Blue Naked Briefs

August 19, 2014 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI bought these on a whim when I was in Dallas last. I visited the Skivvies store in Oaklawn and got these and a pair of hot running tights. I have worn the the Naked trunks and really liked them, but these briefs kind of called out to me. They’re blue…so that probably had something to do with is. They’re also really soft and comfortable. To the touch, and to have on. I am kind of disappointed in these though, to be honest. They don’t provide enough coverage for me on the package…and we all know I’m not hugely endowed. My balls kept falling out the side – no matter where I put the cock (up, down, to the side) didn’t matter. Other than that, they were soft and comfortable, just not a pair for me…will have to pass them along.

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Day 953 – Purple Andrew Christian Smooth Vibe briefs

August 18, 2014 in Personal by Undies Boy

I am going to admit that this is a really odd post for me. I’m posting it on Tuesday morning from Australia, so that it posts on later Monday night and not at like 5 am. Anyway…it’s also odd because I feel like I have big shoes to fill by following such a great guest bulge/review and the sexy Victoria’s Secret panties review from one of our newest bloggers. I mean…look at the two of them…so amazingly sexy! Anyway…these are a pair of purple Andrew Christian Smooth Vibe briefs – and yes, I have a few pair of these apparently. One will be passed on this week to a fellow blogger down under when I finally get to meet him – so hopefully we’ll see him in them on here as well! SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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Victoria’s Secret Cheekster Panty

August 18, 2014 in review by pantydrawer

I’ve finally moved into a new city and had internet set up, so I’m back for another review! I’ve tried out a few pieces from Victoria’s Secret lately to see how they turn out, and so far these are my favorite. These lilac cheekster panties have “Love Pink” written out on the front to draw your eye in, and I love the lace around the edges and the blue accent trim. They may not have the perfect fit for me to wear around all day, but they work great for date night, or just to change into when I get home if I want to open the blinds, walk around, and wonder who might be looking. Until I scope out this new place, that’ll be the best situation for me to take pictures, but I have an idea or two for next time.


I’m not really sure why the tag is sewn on both the inside and the outside of these panties, and it makes me feel like I’ve put them on inside out, but that’s a minor detail in the big picture. My main issue with them is the fit; since they’re built to be tight on a lady’s body, I have to find a larger size, but then it emphasizes my body in different ways than they’re built to, and it tends to pull low in the front. Of all the VS panties that I’m trying out, though, these are the most comfortable, and I can walk around and exercise without any worries. I can have fun in these and feel more natural than self-conscious.back

Until next time! I’ll try out some more exciting panties soon and hopefully I’ll find a more exciting place to photograph them. ;)


Guest Bulge/Review – @crazycitykid is back!!!

August 17, 2014 in guest bulge, Personal by Undies Boy

photo 2Hey boys! We got him back! @Crazycitykid has come back to be featured on here and this time with a bit of a guest review on a sexy pair of undies he loves! You can follow him on twitter or instagram as well! He’s reviewing a pair of mesh geometric print Andres Velasco bikinis that are semi sheer. He had this to say about them:photo 5

Style comfort, and sexy is what I look for when I’m purchasing a new pair of underwear. When I find a pair that meets what I am looking for, I jump on the opportunity and get them. photo 5
When I tried on these great looking pair if undies, I was amazed how they felt, looked, and how they made me feel. They are very comfortable. It is like you have nothing on but yet very supportive (the package). I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror. They looked great on and felt awesome. photo 1
The nude color adds to the sex appeal and the contrasting black color gives it an edgy look. They are shear but not too much, but enough to have you take a closer look and hope to see something that you like. photo 4
I definitely recommend on getting a pair or two, or however many you like. There are no disappointments with these sexy ones.
photo 4
What do you think? I think he looks great in them! Want to see more of him? Let us know! Remember, you can follow him on twitter or instagram as well! photo 1