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by Joshua

Introducing Myself (Joshua)

November 23, 2014 in Personal by Joshua

Joshua Tighty Whities

Joshua in Jockey white briefs

Hello everyone! First off I want to thank Undies Boy for giving me the opportunity to contribute to and I hope to not disappoint. I should start out by introducing myself and give you some background info on me, my name is Joshua and I have had an interest in underwear as far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved to see others in their undies and love to be seen in mine. Even as a child I used to come up with ways to expose myself in my little undies and now here I am in my early 30s and I still haven’t grown out of the habit.

My favorite type of undies has to be briefs, whether they are classic tighty whities or some bright-colored hip briefs, I love ‘em all, especially if they have a little bit of stretch to them. I also like trunks, boxer briefs and on that rare occasion a pair of boxer shorts. I just recently started getting interested in jockstraps for when an activity calls for ‘em.

Joshua - AC Briefs

Joshua in Andrew Christian teal briefs

Now I thought I would share a little about me that doesn’t pertain to undies. I was born and raised in Southern California about 50 miles east of Los Angeles with a goal to eventually move to either the Portland or Seattle area in a few years.

Professionally I have been in the print industry for 15 years and I currently manage a digital production environment in Los Angeles. I enjoy my work, although the hours and commute are a bit much at times. I currently go to school as well (better late than never right?) and am working towards my BS in I.T. with a Security emphasis.

Joshua - A&F trunks

Joshua in A&F stripped trunks

On the personal side I am single and bisexual. Currently not looking for any long-term relationship as the last one left a bitter taste in my mouth. Hobbies include going to the gym, running, participating in mud runs / obstacle courses and in 2015 I plan to start training in MMA. I’m a devout Vegan and have been for over 3 years now with no plans to ever go back to the Omni lifestyle.

Weight & exercise is my current obsession, this past year I cut out a lot of the Vegan junk foods (there’s a lot of sugary options for us Vegans, trust me) and have been focusing on my weight and getting into the shape that I want to be in. In high school I weighed 235 lbs. and in my senior year I dropped down to 180 lbs. and yo-yo’ed back and forth for years between 190 lbs. & 215 lbs. Currently I am at 170 lbs. and would like to drop another 15-20 lbs. of body fat for my mud runs in January before starting a bulking regime.

Joshua - Then & Now

Joshua – Then & Now


Okay I hope that some of you are still awake for me to say thank you for reading and I hope to be a positive addition to undies101!



Day 1046 – Black Mansilk Briefs

November 22, 2014 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThese are a pair of black silk Mansilk briefs that I got from a friend a while ago. He left me a few pair of undies from his drawer and took a few from mine. I think these are the last pair of undies I have from his collection, which makes me sad. They are soft and well worn in and not a full pair of briefs, which is a plus. Soft. Sexy. Comfortable.

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Day 1045 – Red and Black Cocksox Briefs

November 21, 2014 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s a travel day for me again. I’m headed home from Vegas to NYC. I get to stay home for 7 days…a few days of work, Thanksgiving, errands on the off Friday and then fly again next Saturday for two weeks of work in the UK…last trip of the year! Can’t wait to be done. I’m kind of over life on the road for now. It is not as glamorous as it sounds. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Anyway…picked these cocksox up a while ago from Cheap Undies when they were having an amazing sale! I think that RWraith55 got some too…we usually chat if there’s a great sale there, and we definitely chatted about these that day, but I can’t remember now if he ordered any or not. Got these, another pair of briefs, some thongs and a gstring…all for less than I would have paid for one pair of cocksox usually. LOVE Cheap Undies! SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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by AJ

review TRUS underwear

November 21, 2014 in review by AJ

hey guys we have reviews coming to you from a few new up and coming companies not sure if our followers have seen this company before…

up for review is its another american made company making fine quality underwear with organic cotton. its amazing ! I’ve never heard of them till now, they make 3 styles a brief, boxer brief and boxer in 3 colors blue black and standard sexy white..they offer a cool monthly club order a one time purchase. so check them their own words TRUS us we’ll show you

im reviewing a pair of black boxers in size medium. they are super soft and move freely and are flexible and move with you which is great, the waist is true to size and not binding or restrictive. the length is  long I’m 5’7 slightly short and they felt like a pair of shorts more than boxers ill use more on a sleep basis than wear all day. they other down side is that them being long the crotch is super low and just above my knees which was weird. i found them to be more comfortable when i rolled them up 3x times and then i liked them so i would say if ur short go with the brief and not the boxer!FullSizeRender-2FullSizeRender-6FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender-3FullSizeRender-4FullSizeRender-5they come with a nice velvet carry bag which is a nice plus to keep them in!!

im rating these as flirting material!!


check them out take a look and if you have any questions ask away or if you wonna try them out let me know I’m n=more than happy to have someone else review too!! till next reviews



Day 1044 – White Petit Q Lacey Thong

November 20, 2014 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI’m on the road, in Vegas for some meetings, and when I travel I try and keep up with Jockstrap Wednesday and Thong Thursday. I don’t have many thongs left, but this one is in the drawer and I packed it away for the trip. The fit on this is a bit off. Knowing it will shrink, I upsized the order to a size Large from my usual Medium. They don’t quite fit right now, but more than likely will after a washing. They feel a bit loose on the waist, but the rest feels alright, even if the pouch is a bit snug. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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TRUS Underwear Review – Boxer Briefs

November 19, 2014 in review by UndertheBeltNYC

Hey boys! And girls. Yes, I see you checking us out.

This week we have a round of reviews for a company that is new to the Undies 101 site. TRUS (pronounced “truhss”) is a company here in the U.S. that prides itself on high-quality underwear made from the best materials and put together in durable designs that you will want to wear again and again. On their website, they offer a monthly auto-ship replenishment service to keep you in new pairs. Check them out and give them a follow on Twitter.

The TRUS underwear I got to try out were the black boxer briefs and the sizing on them was pretty bang on. The tag was a bit irritating in the back but I did get used to it after a while. I would easily spring for another pair of these if the company went tagless in the future. You have three color options of white, blue, and black. They’re advertised as light-weight and seemed to wear the same. They come packaged with a certificate in a velvet black bag that is pretty top notch compared to how most underwear is packaged. I was impressed.

FullSizeRender_1        FullSizeRender

All things considered, I would say this somewhere between Dating Material and Hook Up Material but probably more DM. I could wear this all day and they are pretty sturdy, but I did find them uncomfortable at times. I’m curious to see how this company develops for sure.


Day 1043 – Culture Club CiN2 Grip Jockstrap

November 19, 2014 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThis is an amazingly colourful Grip jock from CiN2 that I picked up recently. When RWraith55 was in town a while ago we were shopping at Universal Gear and they were having a big sale on undies…these were $10, so well worth the purchase. I loved the colours and the pattern on them and the fact that they are a Grip jock just makes them so much hotter. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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Day 1042 – Blue Bikinis

November 18, 2014 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERANo idea what brand these are, got them off a sexy guy on eBay. He looked so amazing in them I wanted to have them. They are wicked comfortable and have been so easy to wear all day. I don’t look nearly as good in them as he did, but I gave it a good go!

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Day 1041 – Striped Life Bikinis

November 17, 2014 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAGot these from a friend a while back, from his personal collection – well worn and broken in before making their way to me. A great way to get some sexy undies. Love the fact that there are some stripes that make these more colourful. They are a bikini cut, which for me is amazing. Love that. Not sure, given the new parameters of my keep pile, if these are staying with me or I am passing them along to someone else, but they were hot to wear all day.

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Day 1040 – Red Faux Leather Jockstrap

November 16, 2014 in Personal by Undies Boy

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve had this sitting in the drawer for a while, and I believe I got it from a friend. He sent it to me thinking I would like it. Love the concept of it, the faux leather, the red, the jock. Not sure I enjoyed the execution and wearing all that much. It was a bit warm to have on all day, and the faux leather didn’t breathe well. Might be something else I pass on to fellow bloggers if they’re interested. The pile of cast offs keeps growing…such is the life of an underwear whore! SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

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