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It’s only Tuesday???

June 23, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

06232015I got nothing done at the office today…like nothing I needed to get done. I had meetings and ran errands and got those little things done, but I got nothing of substance done! UGHHHH! I’m beginning to wonder why I go in to the office sometimes! Anyway…at least I was comfortable in these maroon 2xist Metal No Show briefs…super soft, super easy to wear and so comfortable…great choice for a Tuesday, but it’s only Tuesday…and I have so many more days to go!

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Unusual Choice for me…

June 22, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

06222015or so I’m told. These are from Tommy John and they are longer boxerbriefs and a few people have commented that they are not typical for me. They are longer…but they are oh so comfortable! They are sexy and unique in that they have a nice horizontal fly on them…which makes it easy access! =)

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Too much…

June 21, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

06212015sometimes, for whatever reason underwear that’s amazing on one person is just too much or not enough on someone else. We all have our own preferences for cut and style…as well as fit, fabric and colour! Not everyone agrees on everything. That’s the best part of undies…there’s so much to choose from that we can all look and feel our best in what we love! These Lobbo briefs are ones for me, that aren’t that great. The material and colour is amazing but the fit is not right. They are too full for my liking. They fit amazing, as a Medium should, but they’re just too much of them for my liking.

I’ve decided that I’m going to tag all the ones I wear that aren’t to my liking #upforgrabs in the tags section, so you can search for them, and if you’d like any that you see with that hash tag – email me. We can work out a trade or you can make me an offer to buy them!

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Summer, Summer, Summertime…

June 20, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

06202015summertime…let’s just sit back and unwind! Well, I was feeling a bit blah today, and what’s the best way to chase away the blahs? Wearing something bright and colourful. At least for me anyway. Ran some errands and just basically sat around and was a bit of a bum today. These bright lime green Andrew Christian briefs did the trick!

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Back to the Grind…

June 19, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

06192015well, the office grind that is. The way life has been going, I feel like I go out on the road, get used to being on the road and then go back home and play catch up at the office for a few days and then it’s back out on the road again! Such is life. Hoping things calm down a bit in the next few months, fingers crossed they will. I’ve had these light blue Andrew Christian Almost Naked briefs on all day…at least I’ve been comfortable on my first day back at the office!

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I’ll Fly with you…

June 18, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

IMG_0103well, I’ll fly anyway. I’m all packed up, trying to just relax in the hotel room for a bit before check out…then it’s goodbyes and maybe a bit of a wander around, and off to the airport! It’s a leisurely day to relax a bit…and yet, still be working. It’s also a thursday, so that means a thong! Packed this red and black striped Cocksox thong for flight day today! IMG_0102

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by Dakota

Jolly June-Thongers Weekend Palm Springs 2015!

June 18, 2015 in thong by Dakota

Hey boys!  It’s been a while, but life has been a little crazy moving across the country!

Jake and I are now safely here in San Diego, CA and soaking up the sun-so what better way to express what makes us Jolly in June than by running around in nothing but skimpy thongs for four days straight??

Some of you may remember that we went to Palm Springs last June for the same event.  We went back again, and hung out with our thong buddies from last year as well as lots of fun new thongers!

It can be exhausting doing nothing but laying out in the sun, changing thongs, and sipping on cocktails….but someone has to do it right?

This year, the Warm Sands Villas hosted our group of almost 50 guys.

I wore all of my favorite custom suits from Muscleskins, some classic Joe Snyder bulge thongs, as well as a couple other brands.  I discovered a new brand Jovanna that offers a wide range of cuts and fabrics (see my open weave mesh stretch spandex in lime green, and the pink sheer mesh that a buddy of mine bought me)!  I also lucked out at the swap table and scored a green camo Muscleskins suit that is my new favorite…..look out maybe for a separate post to show that off!

Jake and I are definitely in our element when running around almost naked and bulging!  It was hard to come back to reality and wear clothes :-/

20150612_105132 20150613_094206 20150613_094211 20150613_120733 20150613_120743 20150613_120814 20150613_153915 20150613_153922 20150614_122229 20150614_122236 20150614_122255 20150614_122302

Peace out from Sunny San Diego-where we will be able to show off in our skimpy gear way more often :-)





#JollyJune on Undies101

June 17, 2015 in Personal, Theme Month by Undies Boy

IMG_0100 In keeping up with our theme months here on Undies101, it’s #JollyJune and we are talking about undies that make us happy this month! I got these a while ago, and when I saw them, with the fun cow print on them, I knew I had to have them. They made me smile. They make me happy. They are super soft and super comfortable and easy to wear…I love that they are more brief than jock, but the little pouch also adds a bit of a lift to them as well. One of my Jolly June entries…look for more from me and the rest of the Undies101 boys to come soon! IMG_0101

Do you want to show us the undies that make you jolly and participate in #JollyJune? Email us and we’ll get you up here!

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by Jake

Thongers Weekend

June 17, 2015 in Uncategorized by Jake

It is that time of year again for the Annual Thongers weekend in sunny and hot Palm Springs California.

Every year in June men from all over the world gather at a clothing optional resort in Palm Springs and run around in thongs. Some changing into different brands and colors periodically through out the day.

The great guy that organizes this will call out for an animal print hour or Pink hour.

Dakota and I have met some wonderful people attending these. Everyone there has a common interested, the love of thongs. It makes it very easy to start a conversation with anyone.


It is always a great time and we look forward to it every year.


Below are some examples of what we wore.




20150612_074937 20150612_075326 20150612_105132 20150612_160555 20150612_160631 20150612_213827 20150613_091012 20150613_091022 20150613_094116 20150613_094120 20150613_111231 20150613_112237 20150613_112243 20150613_120810 20150613_135727 20150613_135734 20150613_153931 20150613_153937 20150614_103707 20150614_103712 20150614_112303 20150614_112309 20150614_122209 20150614_122212 20150614_122217 20150614_122251 20150614_122302

Missing things…

June 16, 2015 in Personal by Undies Boy

06162015sometimes I feel like my life has me missing things. Sometimes it’s small things and sometimes it is big things…I know I was a bit bummed that I didn’t get to London this year to see the World Naked Bike Ride…I always enjoy being in London for that. something fun and free spirited about it! I miss birthdays for nephews…although, to be fair, that is so that I can be fair and not favour one over another, so I don’t go home for any of them anymore. I miss vacations…real vacations where I don’t have to check a work phone or email…hopefully, I will feel a bit more centered soon…one of those days I guess. LA June Gloom creeped into me whilst I was there I guess…maybe Denver will wash that away…

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