IMG_0762Jockstrap Wednesday comes around but once a week. If you’re like me, that’s sometimes the only day you wear a jockstrap. If you’re like one of my fellow bloggers RWraith55, you are in one almost every day. And we like him in them! I tend to wear mine on Wednesdays, so I pick them wisely when I wear them. An Air Jock more specifically for today.

IMG_0763As Mean Girls said, on Wednesday’s we wear Pink. I have to admit that crossed my mind when I saw the pink today. I pulled this Andrew Christian Air Jock out of the drawer for the day, in the appropriate colour for the day. I’m always amazed that the Air Jock happened…or that it didn’t happen sooner. After all, it’s just a pair of briefs with a giant hole cut out of the ass. To me, it is less of a jock and more of a brief, but what do I know?

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