You see a lot of our underwear on here, and hopefully a lot of variation of that. You also see a few of us who post regularly. Hopefully you’ll start to see more familiar faces as well! I tend to show off in my undies, but I also can show off while I’m working out. I have been, more and more lately, wearing tights to the gym to workout in. There are some other guys there that do as well. I don’t chose to wear anything under my tights, some do. It’s a nice display and there are a few guys that show off that way.

working outI wore these bright red 3/4 length tights from Cin2 to the gym yesterday and they are wicked comfortable. I have them in blue as well.

img_0796I’ve got this maroon 2xist jockstrap on today for Jockstrap Wednesday – it’s from the metal line. A wicked comfortable line I wish they would bring back.

img_0792Are you following us on Instagram? On Twitter? You’ll want to…there might be more social media coming soon and we’ll be announcing it all that way! img_0794

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