Hi all. We’ve gone back to Theme Months. They seem to have worked out well for us in the past, so we’re back at it. This month is Naughty November – Dare to Bare. We will all be posting things that are daring us to bare our bodies or souls or hearts…we’ll be opening up for you our readers. Think of it as the Undies101 Confession Booth.

Naughty NovemberThere’s not too much for me to bare in my post today, but I have been opening up and doing daring things in the last few days, so call that a soft launch. I wore panties all day on Monday on a dare and then yesterday, followed up with my feelings about having done that. I will admit that it wasn’t the first time I’d worn panties, and probably won’t be the last. If they’re comfortable and they make you feel good…wear em. That’s my motto. They were certainly comfortable.

img_0878Today I’m in an Andrew Christian Air Jock. I guess there is a bit of Naughty November – Dare to Bare here. I got into jockstraps thanks to my fellow blogger and friend @RWraith55. He’s the reason I have as many jockstraps as I do. He looked so hot and sexy in his I figured I would give them a go and haven’t looked back since. I still LOVE seeing him in and out of his jocks!

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