Our theme month for December is Dazzling December and I am trying my best to keep up the theme. I am losing the battle of posting every day, sorry. I wanted to take a few minutes and catch up thought. Here’s what I’ve had on since last Wednesday…

Last Thursday was this thong from Andrew Christian, very skimpy and very comfortable…I think it was the Nano range…but I can’t remember now, apologies.

Dazzling DecemberAfter that, the big freeze set in and on Friday I was in these yellow-ish N2N Bodywear long johns. They are some of the sexiest and most comfortable long johns I own…

I was a bit of a slack over the weekend and I know I went out, but I forgot to take pics of what I wore – apologies. Yesterday I was in these 3/4 length long johns in a blue camo print.

Today it’s these Andrew Christian red and green – very holiday inspired long johns. These have show-it technology in them, and I just don’t understand why you would do that to long johns…not everyone wears them with nothing else underneath them.

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