Welcome to my life. Sometimes I feel like it’s a study in chaos theory…one small little change anywhere will upset the balance and order I strive to achieve, and then, well, we’re all fucked! =) That’s a dramatic oversimplification, but the premise remains. One little deviation from plan and I can get thrown so far off course, it will take days or weeks to correct itself. As someone that thrives on order, this is insanity to me and all I can do during those moments is put my head down, stick to the tasks at hand and the schedule I have for myself and hope that I come out the other side in one piece. So far, so good.

chaos theoryI feel like the last few weeks have been a test of this in action for me. I’m starting to get back to order and I’m in these egglplant/purple briefs by Andrew Christian today as a calming influence…and a great pouch…not going to lie!

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