So it’s Healthy Humpday, and I remembered this week. I also remembered to wear my jock, or Air Jock as it were. For my HH post today, I’m going to talk about my love/hate relationship with my scale. Scales exist all over in our lives…the kind of fish (ewww), the musical ones, the scales of justice…and the kind you stand on and weigh yourself. That kind of scale, much like the scales of justice falls either in your favour or against you.

scalesI used to weigh myself once a week. Progress could be noted and I would be happy or sad depending on which way I went…now I weigh myself every day. It’s a hard thing to do…and I’m not fanatical about it. Sometimes, like this morning, I forget to step on. I don’t beat myself up over it. I also don’t beat myself up over what I see on the scale. Some days it serves as a reminder that I need to do things better and work out harder. Other days, it shows me I’m on the right track. As long as I have movement and I’m on the right track, progress is being made. One up day (or two) in the course of a week doesn’t mean no progress. It means more hard work ahead. As long as this week, I’m better off than last week – I’m a happy camper. Scales…just one of the tools I am using to help in my quest for Healthy Humpdays.

Wearing this light blue Air Jock from Andrew Christian today. The one thing I like about this styling is that the straps aren’t attached to the waistband. They are kind of free-floating from the pouch. For me, that makes for a really comfortable wear all day.

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