Hi all. I was hoping that I would have posted the weekend round-up yesterday. I figured I would be in London, ahead of NYC and it would be easy to post when I landed and got checked into the hotel. My body told me otherwise by the time I got to the hotel. Apologies. Jet-lag is a bitch, and while it doesn’t affect me regularly, thankfully, with all the travel I’ve been doing, it sometimes rears its ugly head.

I had only slept a few hours before getting up for my flight. I woke up at 3am and did some cardio before coffee and a shower at 4 so I was good and tired, figuring that I would have an hour or two before sleeping when I finally got to the hotel in London later on. Best laid plans…oh well.

Saturday, I had the day to myself. Went to the gym for some cardio and then it was all cleaning up the apt after some recent furniture upgrades…a bit of re-arranging in the living room and general cleaning. Wore the striped blue Bonds trunks that I had picked up in Australia a few years ago.

Sunday was all about just being comfortable. I went to the gym and then laundry…wanted nothing but feeling sexy and comfortable. Had to pack and get ready…so after my shower, I slipped on the pink and purple VS panties…not sure why, but they’re so easy to wear…

jet-lagMonday was this pair of bright blue AussieBum briefs for my early morning flight. Up at 3am…cardio at the gym and coffee all before my 4am shower…by the time I got to the hotel in Central London I was shattered…quick bite to eat, phone call to the other half and then sleep…

Today…first day in London…out and about and meetings for work…so all about comfort. I’m in these light blue briefs from Cocksox today…super comfortable and easy to wear.

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