Sorry for the lack of posting…my Friday morning overseas started with an early meeting, jumping right on a train and heading back to London and Heathrow to fly home. Satruday was home and errands and comfort and today is another travel day…I’m up and having my second cup of coffee to get ready to get on another plane. Floral prints, stripes, snakeskin prints…I’ve been covered in them all the last few days.

Friday was this pair of briefs from Bum Chums in a very bright pink snakeskin print. They are so comfortable and were so easy to wear on a day that saw me running all over the UK…literally.

Saturday was a day to get a lot done…errands, laundry, a bit of window shopping, and packing to leave again…wanted comfort and pulled this striped pair of panties out. For whatever reason, I feel super sexy in them…but they don’t fit my junk as well as some others. I don’t know why I’ve been drawn into them lately…but they are super comfortable when I wear them.

floral printsToday, I’m packed, finishing my second cup of coffee at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, and am the only one up…laser focused on getting ready to go and watching the news…I chose these new PetitQ bikins in a bright yellow floral print today. Floral prints tend to have a way to make anything underwear they’re on seem more panty like. Maybe that’s why I was drawn to them? I haven’t owned much from this brand and what I have has been hit and miss, but these floral prints are sexy! They are super comfortable. They have a bit of a pouch on them, and are easy to wear. I’m not sure I like the back, a bit skimpy to me, but otherwise I am in love with these.

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