granny pantiesSorry for the lack of a post yesterday, got off to a bit of a start here in St. Louis. I’m walking alot, and am pulling in good numbers for my activity. I wore some Bum Chums briefs yesterday, and unlike the pink ones I wore last week, I found these to be a bit big, material wise. They felt very much like granny panties to me all day. The pattern on them didn’t help either…just saying. The material is quite comfortable, but they are a bit fuller in material and coverage than I would have liked, and the pattern on them just made them feel more like I was wearing something that didn’t fit me well.

I am wearing a pair of black skull Billy briefs from AussieBum today and they are much more to my liking. They are skimpy enough to feel good, but not too skimpy to provide no coverage. I love the skull pattern all over them and I have them in a light blue too. I try to grab pairs when they’re on sale at AussieBum…

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