frigidIt is absolutely still a frozen tundra that is NYC today. Frigid. I woke up and was cold…wandered down to the gym and did some cardio for a half hour or so and then came up to shower and start my day. I knew I wanted long johns again to brace myself for the cold outside. When I pulled out the cube with the long johns in it out, I saw these and knew that they were what I wanted for the day. Bright. Colourful. The only thinkg I don’t like about them is they came with the Show-It technology…I’m not a fan. I don’t know why you’d want that lift and pouch in the long johns. And, if you’re going to put a pouch in, just put the pouch in and let me hang free. Just my opinion though. Braced for the frigid outdoors I wander into the world now…

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