6 o’clock already – I was just in the middle of a dream…or so the lyrics go. Manic Mondays…the Bangles only sang about one, but I feel like they are all a bit manic. I don’t know why…it is just the start of the week, but then all the things you didn’t get done over the weekend just pile onto the list of things you need to get done during the week as well. Maybe that is what makes them a bit manic.

The weekend was a bit busy…errands, social engagements and the like. Finally got to wind down a bit around 7 last night. Wore these bright blue Andrew Christian Blow briefs on Saturday.

Sunday went with semi-sheer mesh from Gregg Homme, which are quite comfortable, and would be great for all day wear in the office…not sure they were meant for me running around all day. Oh well, lesson learned!

manic mondaysToday, I’m back to the grind in these bright mesh Andrew Christian briefs with a nice, generous pouch. They are by request of a friend…I asked him what I should wear, he said mesh or something with a good pouch…figured these were sort of mesh, just not as see through and they have a great pouch, so two birds…one pair.

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