I’m not late…and there’s no important date…all I have to do is drag myself to the office. I have to stop by the Pharmacy and pick up some RX’s before I travel and mail something at the post office…but all of those are on the way to the office. I’m still late this morning…running very late. Usually I’ve gone by now. I don’t have a formal time to be in the office, and I work remotely a lot (when I travel) so it isn’t like anyone is missing me right now, wondering where I am. Since it’s #therapeuticthursdays here on Undies101 I just thought I’d confess to this pet peeve. I hate running late. It drives me mental. I have friends that are constantly late. I tell them times 30-40 minutes before we need to be anywhere just so we’re there on time. My other half is the same way. I don’t know why it bothers me like it does, and I do run late on occasion, typically when it can’t be helped. This morning I was just lazy and I feel like it’s taken me forever to get ready and feel like I can walk out the door. Pulled this red and black striped Cocksox thong on today…it is Thursday after all, one musn’t disappoint. Anyway…am going to stop typing now so I can drag my ass out the door…have a great day! late

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