Floral prints and seamless comfort! Another set of panties from www.2xist.com! Here’s a link to the pair that I’m wearing, with another color not available on the website. https://www.2xist.com/p/WU0340/laser-cut-hipster.html “Nearly naked but better,” these laser cut hipsters hide panty lines and hug you tight. I’m wearing a small/petite.floral prints

These panties are smooth as silk, but I still have to rate them at Hook Up Material. They look and feel best when I’m leaning slightly or bending over, but if I relax my stance too much, then they don’t quite keep at the waist. Any smaller and they wouldn’t fit my anatomy, though, so it’s a delicate compromise. They manage not to cause any issues with coming out of the sides, though, which is rare in women’s panties. I enjoy this pair very much and hope I get to use them for a hook up soon!

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