@naughty_paganHey guys we’ve got a great treat for you today! We’ve got @naughty_pagan making his Guest Bulge debut!! We hope that you like! We posed the standard guest bulge questions to him, and here’s what he came back with and some sexy pics for you to enjoy!!

The basics:
Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram handles (or any other social media site you’d like a link to):
How old are you?
How do you identify – gay, bi, straight?
Single, dating, married?
How big is your endowment – cut or uncut?
7″ cut
More advanced questions:

What got you into underwear?

Underwear ads were my first jerk off material.
What style of underwear do you usually wear and why?

Briefs/bikini/jocks occasionally thongs I like the support and I like to know there’s something unexpectedly sexy under my jeans.

What kind of underwear did you grow up wearing and why did you switch (if you have)?
Grew up wearing briefs and boxers, stopped wearing boxers, because shorts under your pants make no sense.
What do you think? Have you enjoyed seeing @naughty_pagan? Want to see more of him? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts, and don’t forget to give him a follow on Instagram, link above!

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