Since it is therapeutic thursdays around here, I thought I would get a bit off my chest. I travel A LOT for work. People assume that means I live a charmed life. Is that the reality, well, it depends on your perspective. I do enjoy the travel, and I get to see places that I wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to see otherwise. charmed life

I always unpack as soon as I get into my hotel room, unless I’m in there for less than 24 hours, and I try to make it less hotel like. It doesn’t help. Whether you pay or your company does, when you travel so frequently, it isn’t home. It isn’t all dinners out in fancy restaurants and wining and dining. It’s work. When I am on the road over the weekend, I am working. I am working from noon to midnight, some days longer. It is a different mindset you have to get used to. Hotel rooms, breakfasts and dinners alone, occupying your time so you’re not just sitting in your hotel room. It is a life and I am fortunate to live it, I just hate the assumption that most people have that it’s charmed because I travel. I miss things at home, I miss home, I miss my other half and celebrations with friends and family. I have learned to live this life the best way I know how…but it isn’t all wine and roses because I travel. Just putting that out there.

Wearing this nude (not sure what else to really call this colour) thong from N2NBodywear today. It is wicked comfortable and very easy to wear. I forget that I even have it on most of the time, which for a thong is ALWAYS a plus in my book!

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