On Friday morning, I packed up my hotel room while I indulged in a guilty pleasure TV show in Liverpool. I left the hotel and grabbed a cab to the train station…the train to London…a car to Heathrow and then my flight home. Flights and travel are stressful under the best of circumstances, add getting over a cold to that equation and it’s horrible. I had some nice down time in the ClubHouse, mind, but long haul flights put stress on the healthiest of bodies. So I came home and just crashed…I was a bit of a slug all weekend, trying to get well again. I didn’t do much of anything! Saturday saw me in these bright red N2NBody wear bikinis…that are pretty sheer…which I had forgotten about. Sunday was this Union Jack/Brit inspired pair of Sukrew briefs…wicked comfortable and a very generous pouch and cheeky ass print! flightsToday, I was back up and at the gym…something I haven’t done since the 1st of May when I left for the UK…it was slow going and a bit of a grind…but I made it through a run and some cardio. I’m in these striped Andrew Christian briefs to get me through being at the office a few days this week…before I fly again…Get in our Pants – Ask US Anything!!

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