sugarokay, so maybe not all, and maybe not the world…but sugar is all that is wrong with my world. I’m trying my best to ditch it. It is not easy at all. I’ve given up sweetening my tea and coffee, with anything. I had switched to Agave for a while and then weened myself off that. Next up is sweets…chocolate will be the hardest, I know it. After that, I guess its looking for hidden sugars…they are everywhere. I can’t believe it. Why am I talking about sugar? Well, it’s #healthyhumpday here on Undies101. In my quest to kick the sweetener, I’ve also managed to drop a few pounds, so more to go, but steps in the right direction. Closer and closer to my mark every day. And, I really thought I would miss it in coffee, but I don’t. At all. If the coffee is good…airplane coffee still makes me want sugar…but I haven’t given into temptation yet.

My quest for being healthy and losing weight is spurred on today with the palm trees all over my jockstrap. A dream of a warmer climate and vacation…now that’s what I’m talking about! Need a good body for that! This AC mesh Palms Jock is super comfortable and so easy to wear…going to love having it on all day!

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