Question time with Kit begins now! We’ve had a question submitted via email to us, and as I’m not equipped to really speak to it on a personal level, I asked one of our former bloggers to fill in. We’ve got the sexy @kitwildexxx to answer the question below from Crushed.
Hi! I’ve been a reader of your blog for a while now, and I know that you’ve had a few guys that are quite large in their endowment as I am. (Where are they by the way I miss seeing them) I am approximately 6″ in length and 5″ in diameter when soft and I have problems fitting into undies. I was wondering if you all have any suggestions for specific cuts or brands I should try that would accommodate me without crushing me. I prefer briefs, but would also love to try thongs and jocks if you have any suggestions. Thanks in advance and bring back your HUNG bloggers! Thanks, Crushed
Hello Crushed,
Firstly thank you for your question, don’t worry you are not alone and I am honoured that Undies101 have asked me to answer this on their behalf. Secondly, why me? what makes me qualified to answer this particular question. well with an 8 inch long flaccid penis and over 7000 pairs of underwear I am a semi professional expert.
Now that’s out of the way let’s talk undies shall we? The first and most important thing you need to consider is fabric. Underwear with high percentage of spandex / polyester enclose the package and not in a fun cuddly way, in a horrible suffocating manner. Instead look for blended underwear that focuses on a natural fibre so Cotton / Spandex mix (most popular) but you also have fabrics such as Rayon which is a semi-synthetic fibre made from purified cellulose, primarily from wood pulp but you can also get bamboo based. Modal underwear which is a type of Rayon is super super soft, most designer underwear brands stock at least one these fabrics in one form or another, even if the underwear has little to no pouch, the spandex for example allows the cotton to stretch beyond it’s normal capacity cradling your jewels in a pillow of love. Focus on the fabric if you’re looking for more comfort over style.
Secondly as daft as this sounds briefs over boxers… now, now, now hear me out. Boxers as a general rule of thumb tend to have a flat hollow flat panel, we bigger boys need to be looking for underwear with a pouched feature and this is where the brief calls trumps. The pouch itself although it doesn’t need to be large or enhanced it is a common more modern feature of the brief today, just having the pouch there can make all difference especially if the underwear is made from a breathable stretchy fabric as mentioned in point one. Remember brief not YFront.
My third and final ‘Pro’ tip. is shop around, I love the Andrew Christian Trophy Boy and Almost Naked in both brief and jockstrap however I am all dick and no ass and sometimes find rear of these briefs are sometimes unfulfilled and therefore sag a little. Other brands to look at include Sukrew, NastyPig ( look at their jocks) N2NBodywear, BigBoysPants. If in doubt, buy in sale, read the description of the underwear and look closely at the image, does the model look hung, are they pinching his thigh ( if they are he’s probably wearing a size smaller than normal to enhance his features)
Hope this helps happy bulging!!
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