colour blockingSo I have a fried that tries his best to match his socks to his undies and the rest of the outfit. Now there are times that I can say I can easily do that, but it is not often. Really depends on my mood, I choose my undies first and then the rest of my outfit and it’s all based on what I feel like wearing. So what all do you do? Colour Blocking? Match Everything from top to bottom? Try to keep it all in the same colour palette?

Yesterday I had on blue undies and mostly black everything else. Today I have on black undies and mostly blue everything else. I know, I should have reversed that, but not the way it played out. I picked the undies first. Then the button down I want to wear, and the rest matches from there. So, the last two days, I’m a bit off, not that anyone other than my other half and you dear readers sees my undies.

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