Weekdays seem to pass by so slowly at times and then the weekends come and it just flys by. I always have the best of intentions about jumping onto the blog Sunday night and posting my weekends worth of undies and then I’m sat here Monday morning doing a big update.

weekendsI have been doing my best to live in the weekends and not blog everyday. It’s a bit of a mini break that helps keep my batteries energized to keep going the rest of the week and not get into the slump I was in before not posting.

We’ve got some new faces that hopefully you’ll see soon and regularly, a contest and set of reviews coming up, and additional reviews here and there. It’s set to be a #sizzlingsummer here on Undies101!

Saturday were these yellow briefs from Andrew Christian which were really comfortable, if not a bit more fabric that I’m used to from them. Sunday was this pair of Twerk briefs in what I can only call salmon colour. Today, I’m back to work in these turquoise briefs from AC.

Have you voted in our poll – it’s on the homepage!

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