I do believe in the power of therapy. But said therapy can take many forms…and while I have been someone who has spent time on the couch, I also tend to just share my opinions and feelings openly on a regular basis as well. There are some things that are harder to share than others. I wouldn’t necessarily run around shouting about sex or my love of underwear, although, more and more people seem to know about the latter.

therapyAnyway, it’s Thursday which means it is not only #thongthursday, on Undies101 it’s also #therapeuticthursday. I’ve had some rough patches with the blog recently. I was absent for a bit, and it looked and felt like the blog was going to just go out into the oblivion. I got re-focused and re-energized and I think we’re turning it around. I’ve got some new talent with me and hopefully some new energy in the folks that have been around for a while. I feel like we’re on an upswing again…I hope you and my blogger boys know that. Just had to get that off my chest.

I opened the drawer this morning to look for a thong, and thought this was one, but turns out it is that hybrid thong-jock variety by Andrew Christian. Comfortable, but not the just thong I was hoping for. I was frustrated after searching though, so I gave up and just went with it…it’s at least part thong for the day.

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