Poll ResultsWe used to have polls as a regular thing here on Undies101 and I think we’re going to start featuring them again. So, we’ve added the Undies101 wants to know box at the top right of the page, that’s where you will find all our polls going forward. For the last question, we asked, Have you ever worn panties? Here are our poll results. Here’s how you voted, and I think some of you might be surprised.

We asked: Have you ever worn panties before? And we gave you the following options as answers: Nope, Have tried them once or twice, Wear them often, Wear them all the time, and Other. 30 of you voted and here’s the breakdown of the results:

Nope – 13 votes – 43.3%

Have tried them once or twice – 5 votes – 16.7%

Wear them often – 9 votes – 30%

Wear them all the time – 2 votes – 6.7%

Other – 1 vote (for Sukrew) – 3.3%

More than half of you (16 votes or 53.4%) have worn panties at one point in time or another. We here at Undies101 salute those of you that have tried them. As long as you feel sexy in your undies, and they are comfortable, that is all that counts! You wear what you feel sexiest in. I’ve been in these blue CK bikini style panties all day. I bought them, and another pair recently, not really knowing they were panties. They were in the men’s section of a discount store, and I loved the colour and the fabric, and the fact that they were seamless. They are really comfortable and do actually hold me in place all day. I also own some from Victoria’s Secret as well, and, in other news, we have some reviews coming up from Victoria’s Secret. Two of our boys will be wearing and reviewing, so we’re looking forward to that!

Undies101 wants to know…don’t forget to vote in the poll!

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