lavenderWho knows what colour this actually is. I’m going with lavender…it’s like that line from the movie Steel Magnolias; “my colours are blush and bashful…” which is met with the snide response; “your colours are pink and pink!” Why not just call this light purple? Lilac? Pinkish-purple? Colour can be a strange thing…what is one shade to one person – ecru for example is something else to someone else – white.

These are an older pair of Andrew Christian, and I think they were the original happy line. I wish they still made these. They are a soft cotton, with a bit of texture to the material. They stretch well and just hug everything about you. They sit super low – which I absolutely love, and they feel so good on! Full back, so I don’t feel at all exposed. They also have a pouch up front, so you’re not crushed all day long. These were among my favorite lines ever produced by AC. I have them in a number of colours and will wear them until they are worn out and can’t be worn anymore.

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