Hi guys! We’ve got a great treat for you in the form of another guest bulge! This time from none other than @mrpuppyuk2017! We had a bit of a a back and forth with him on twitter and joked about him being a guest bulge for us and he agreed! So, here we have all of our standard questions, his answers and some very sexy pics he sent back for us all to enjoy!
The basics:
Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram handles (or any other social media site you’d like a link to):
How old are you?
I am 27 years old
How do you identify – gay, bi, straight?
Single, dating, married?
Open Relationship of 4 year
How big is your endowment – cut or uncut?
8inches – uncut
More advanced questions:

What got you into underwear?

I think underwear is just as important as the clothes you wear over the top. The confidence boost from a good set of boxers or briefs or the secret slutiness of nobody knowing your wearing a jockstrap or thong. It can change your whole mindset.
I got into underwear at an early age. I bought my first jockstrap when I was 14, it took me 3 attempts in the sports shop to work up the courage. I also got into thongs around the same age and managed to aquire a large collection I hid in by bottom draw.

What style of underwear do you usually wear and why?
I wear all sorts of underwear. I used to favour boxer briefs but since I started going to the gym every day, briefs are far more practical and sexier. If I’m not working I also like to wear jockstraps or thongs.

What kind of underwear did you grow up wearing and why did you switch (if you have)?
Like a lot of guys, I grew up wearing briefs till I hit puberty and then I had to have that conversation with my mum that I want boxers. That eventually turned into boxers briefs.

What is your favourite style to wear and why?

I think briefs are practical for everyday wear, gym and feeling sexy. Call them my triple threat.
What style underwear do you feel sexiest in?
Anything with a big pouch to show off my assests. As I said, I love wearing jockstraps and thongs, the latter is find is less popular with guys but that kind of plays into my feeling of naughtiness wearing them and the desire to prove them wrong.

Why do you like showing off in your underwear?

I love being almost naked, with just a thin piece of material that separating from being completely exposed. Great underwear can accentuate your best qualities and says volumes about your personality.

How big is your underwear collection?
My underwear collection is both expansive and varied. Love having different styles and colours to show off.

Is there a style of underwear you absolutely won’t wear? (panties, thongs, boxers, etc.)

I hate boxers. Baggy, shapeless and usually terrible material. 
We hope you enjoyed this guest bulge post from @MrPuppyUK2017 and all of his sexy pics! Please let us and him know in the comments section if you’d like to see more of him and maybe we’ll convince him to be a good boy and come back and show off for us again!
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