Hi guys! We’ve got a treat for you…another hot guest bulge appearance from UKKnickersGuy. I can’t remember where we found him, or rather, where he found us and reached out asking if he could be a guest bulge. We sent him our standard guest bulge questions, and here are his responses, more of a free-flowing paragraph style this time around as that’s how he sent them back to us, and all of his sexy pictures!

Hello. Im pleased to be a Guest Bulge. I am 25 , straight , single and from England.

I began wearing girls knickers about 3 months ago after my ex girlfriend moved out and left behind one of her thongs and a pair of knickers. Since then I have worn female underwear everyday.
I grew up wearing boxer shorts like most guys I guess. I had always liked knickers but had never worn them until Steph had moved and left some underwear behind.
I like most styles of girls underwear but if I had to choose a favourite it would be thongs.
Oddly I dont feel as sexy in a thong as I do in lace shorts.
I think I like showing off my knickers anonymously because its the thrill of having a naughty secret nobody knows about.
I probably own about 40 different pairs of knickers , bikini style , thongs , lace shorts , brazillian cut and high leg.
I cant envisage ever going back to wearing mens undies now after tasting the world of sexy lingerie.UKKnickersGuy
Thanks for having me,
As always guys let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section or on any of our social media and maybe we’ll convince him to come bulge with us again and hear more of his story.
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