This one goes out to all the blokes out there that wear thongs – either the male variety or ones made for women. Are you tired of hearing the same old socially engineered response “you wear a thong you must be gay’. It’s utter nonsense.

How can a person’s choice of underwear determine their sexual orientation ? I accept that thongs are not mainstream for guys and are associated more with women but if there wasn’t a male audience then manufacturers would not spend millions on design and creation.

I am one of the guys that goes for girls thongs. My reasoning is because they cost less , are more readily available and have a much greater range of designs and patterns. Plus I prefare female underwear over guys but I am not gay , a trap , a femboy , a sissy or any other tag given to guys like me. And I think it’s time , in a 21st century world that is meant to be accepting , diverse and tolerant that guys wearing a thong were not stigmatised.

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