BikkembergsBy now, any of our regular readers know that when I go to a new country, I try and find a brand of underwear that is unique to that country and get a pair. I’m not sure that Bikkembergs are unique to Germany, but they were the only brand I only saw a few places and not all over the place. A bit of research did reveal it was a Belgian brand, but I will always remember them from my German trip.

I have owned a pair or two of Bikkembergs in the past and wasn’t a huge fan. The tag at the back of the waistband was stitched into the elastic/fabric in such a way that it rubbed me the whole day…which was just fucking annoying. I am happy to report that this issues seems to be solved. There were a few colours I really wanted, a darker blue and a different lighter blue, but I was trying to be good and only buy one pair, so I stuck with the blue that wasn’t light and wasn’t dark. Maybe if they weren’t so expensive, I would have bought more than one pair. Who knows.

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