Multi-pack knickers are ideal for every day wear around the home or office but the question is can cheap underwear make you feel the way you want to ?Can cheap be cheerful ?

The multi-pack pictured is a recent purchase I made from Asda. 4 pairs of mini knickers cost £4.50 which is about $6 US (give or take) They are 100% cotton and have a bit of stretch which is useful in the front. The designs are somewhat basic and 2 of the 4 pairs are plain in colour with no pattern. The quality of manufacturing is also a little basic and one pair already has a pull in them and I havent even worn them yet. But lets not overlook the fact that individually the cost of each pair is £1.12 or $1.50 (approx) and for that money it would be unfair to expect Victoria Secret quality or design.


All in all they are comfortable as knickers go and serve the purpose of every day underwear when all you want is plain old cheap knickers.


Rating 7/10

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