I travel ALOT – in case any of you haven’t noticed. I hold elite status on an airline and with two hotel groups. That doesn’t mean I’m spoiled or that it makes the travel any easier, but there are some perks that come along with elite status. I will say that some airlines and hotel groups are much better than others. One thing that goes ALONG way is the customer service provided when you do run into issues along the way. That can make or break a situation.

I will admit on that I have been all of the above when I travel…good, bad and ugly. I always try and be as good as I can be, but mistakes and drunken nights happen – which is usually when the bad and the ugly come about. Anyway…I’m off again today. travel

Was in these striped Andrew Christian briefs yesterday for a run of errands with the other half and a movie before coming home to pack…and then today I’m flying off in these 2xist briefs.

Undies101 wants to know…don’t forget to vote in the poll!

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