columbusI have been here once before, when I was much younger but it has been forever since I’ve been to Columbus, Ohio. I’m here for the week for work. More strategic planning than actual work, but it’s fun to be here with the people that I’m here with. I’m excited to see them all again.

I woke up today and it’s a bit of a relaxing venture for me until later on this evening. So I’ve wandered around beautiful downtown for a bit…not much is open here on Mondays. I’m really surprised that so much is closed…I wanted to do a bit of wandering and there’s honestly not much at all. A few cute men’s stores…but the one I wanted to be open to explore was not and isn’t open until 12 the rest of the week. Makes it a real convenient shopping experience.

I’m in these blue N2NBodywear bikinis today. They are so comfortable. I really do enjoy these, and I wish I had more of them…going to have to go have a look at their site and see if they still have the style and in new colours. Really do love the cut!

Undies101 wants to know…don’t forget to vote in the poll!

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