I whole-heartedly apologize. I have been just super busy, not feeling well, trying to pack and get on the road again…I’ve been a true slacker. Instead of seizing opportunity when I have it, I have just gone on ahead and been lazy. Apologies.

Now I’m here to catch up with all of you on what I’ve been wearing the last week.Over the weekend I was in 2xist…Saturday saw me in these light blue 2xist briefs which were super comfortable and easy to wear and then Sunday saw these darker blue Modal Sliq briefs – my favourite current line from them.

The work week started out in bright blue – with green neon trim – Andrew Christian briefs. Super comfortable and super easy to wear.

Tuesday saw me in these bright pink AC briefs – again with neon trim, this time in yellow – that criss-crosses your package and then really accentuates it for full effect.

Wednesday I stayed home with a migraine…but I wanted to feel decent, so after my shower I pulled on these light pink Aussie Bum briefs…super comfortable. slacker

Thursday saw me in this colourful Cockpit Undies thong…I wasn’t originally on the site to buy a thong…but when I saw it, and after talking to the owner, I really wanted to try it, so I bought one.

Friday was a day of errands and the trainer…gym time cut with laundry, ironing and packing for an early morning flight tomorrow, so I have been in these N2N Bodywear tights pretty much most of the day.

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