Today I’m making waves and reviewing two pairs of panties from Victoria’s Secret. Since their website is constantly changing with seasonal panties (And always has a different selection than what’s available in-store), I’ll just leave a link to the VS panties homepage: Underwear similar to what I’m reviewing here will be under the Bikini and Hiphugger sections, though the Cheekies & Cheekinis section is full of some very exciting lace and cut-out panties. Don’t forget that every time you pick out a pair of panties, it recommends a bra to match.

First is a pair of extra low rise hipsters in a size small with a beachy sunset print from the PINK line. It’s a seamless blend of 57% polyester, 32% polyamide, 11% elastane that doesn’t leave a panty line under tight clothing. Here’s the tag:

The other pair is a blue extra low rise bikini in size medium, also from the PINK line. They’re also a seamless blend made of 85% polyamide and 15% elastane, and also do a great job of appearing invisible under clothing. Tag:

Both panties have a soft, smooth, and stretchy feel to the fabric, though the blend in the blue bikini cut pulls in a bit more, so that even though it’s a larger size, it fits more snugly, while the small beachy hipster panties can fold and fall depending on my posture.

making wavesComparing the front pictures, you can really see how the cut makes more of a difference in the fit of the panties than the size. The beachy hipsters have much more room for my equipment, which also gives me more of an opportunity to get jostled around over the course of the day. They feel more spacious than the blue bikinis, but the blue bikinis are much more manageable for all-day wear without having to worry about adjustment since I don’t have the same opportunity to…ahem…wander.

The blue bikinis really move with me in the side picture and stay tight as I move into different positions, while you can see the beachy hipsters start to wrinkle and fold a little bit. Both are extremely comfortable, and the beachy hipsters are actually softer on the inside, but occasionally I’ll feel a seam to the softness and know that I’m poking out.

Here I have to admit that I’m a sucker for the graphic print. I can’t imagine someone standing behind me and not watching the waves while I walk as if it’s the opening crawl for a movie, and I love the power that it gives me. Though the cut of both pairs are a bit more modest than I generally go for in the back, I’m really sold on the beachy hipsters just for that picture.

Both pairs are extremely soft and comfortable, and I never have to worry about either pair digging into my skin. However, I have to rate the blue bikinis as Match Made in Heaven, and the beachy hipsters as Dating Material, just because I prefer the way that the blue bikinis keep everything in place where I don’t even have to think about them. All in all, I love both pairs and I love that I’ve gotten the opportunity to try on some Victoria’s Secret underwear again!

Looking forward to next time.


PS…a quick comparison of how the cuts and the types of fabric really make a difference at those points in the day when I just can’t help myself. The blue bikinis are a larger size, but they’re also less spacious, but they also move with me and keep me right where I need to be. The beachy hipsters are a smaller size, but they have more room to play with in the front, so they pull away from my body and lead to some inevitable adjustment. That is all.

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