Have we got a treat for you guys! We’ve got @DavidLucaXxX making his guest bulge debut with us! We sent out a tweet and tagged a few hot guys and asked who our followers thought should be a guest bulge – David being one of the guys we tagged! Well, he himself replied and said he should, so we took him up on it! We sent out all the standard guest bulge questions and here’s all of his answers and some sexy pics he sent back for us to enjoy!

The basics:
Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram handles (or any other social media site you’d like a link to):
How old are you?
I turned 23 today (18th of August)
Ed Note – Very Happy Birthday!!!!
How do you identify – gay, bi, straight?
I’m gay but open to the idea of fluid sexuality. I came out at the age of 12 and have always been very open and proud about who I am.
Single, dating, married?
I’m single, I enjoy being self sufficient and independent and my life is too hectic right now for me to be able to start something serious with someone.
How big is your endowment – cut or uncut?
6.5 Inches/16cm but I’m very much a bottom so the goods are round the back.
More advanced questions:

What got you into underwear?

Really good question! When I was 15 my mum bought me Dita Von Teese’s book ‘The art of the Tease’ and in it she talked about how she always wore beautiful underwear because it made her feel sexy and beautiful. Even though no one else could see it she knew it was there. During my teen years when I struggled with body confidence and social anxiety, underwear became a way of giving myself a little boost of confidence. I could express myself without other people seeing what I was doing. I think putting on nice underwear is such a great way of starting the day. Even a hungover walk of shame suddenly becomes Kate Moss chic in a pair of designer briefs.
What style of underwear do you usually wear and why?
I normally wear boxer briefs but most of my underwear is old and have holes so please don’t judge me on my current collection! Haha.

What kind of underwear did you grow up wearing and why did you switch (if you have)?
cheap multi-pack boxers and when I was even younger multi-pack briefs. Whatever my mum got in the local supermarket. Not very exciting and probably part of my drive for self expression.

What is your favourite style to wear and why?

Since I started doing porn and have found a new confidence in my body I have found a new love for briefs. Today I am wearing a black pair by Code 22 and I feel amazing. 


What style underwear do you feel sexiest in?
I feel sluttiest (and horniest) in a jock and football socks but a good, tight pair of briefs is always a winner.

Why do you like showing off in your underwear?

I’m an extroverted introvert. I fight against my shyness and insecurity by doing porn or live sex shows. I suddenly switch in front of the camera and I can be a confident “porn star” the underwear is a big part of that. I have a HUGE sock fetish so I always wear sports socks or fetish brand socks like barcode berlin.

How big is your underwear collection?
Not as big as I would like but I recently signed up to Next Gay Thing and once a month they send me a beautiful pair of underwear and some male grooming products. It’s like a monthly mini birthday and my underwear collection will grow steadily. I’d recommend them to everyone! 

Is there a style of underwear you absolutely won’t wear? (panties, thongs, boxers, etc.)
I am a very open guy and I will try anything but I have to say feminisation and cross dressing fetishes have a very negative affect on my hard-on so I doubt I’d wear panties by choice.
We’re so excited to have @DavidLucaXxX sharing his undies love and pics with us! Tell us what you think in the comments section or leave us feedback on any of our social media! Until next time!
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