Sorry I didn’t get to post yesterday, or today at the regular time. It’s been a bit crazy for me time wise and it’s been a bit off, to be honest. Healthy Humpday comes but once a week. I’m continuing my #healthyhumpday updates though, and as it’s Wednesday, it’s time to update you, but first the housekeeping of the bright green briefs from Andrew Christian that I wore yesterday. 

Now, on to #healthyhumpday. I have been doing well with the gym, and have actually been twice today. Once this morning for some basic cardio and then again this evening to have a session with a trainer. I am thinking about seeing a trainer again, and have been testing the waters. I found a good trainer that will come see me at the apt gym – which means I don’t have to go anywhere – and makes it really easy!! He also wears tights when he trains me…and doesn’t mind showing off that bulge, which is always a great motivating factor, as far as I’m concerned.healthy

Today was my second session with him and I am enjoying having the push and the motivation again…and let’s face it, seeing him in his tights isn’t bad either! Wore this light blue Andrew Christian Air Jock today – one of my favourites.

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