We’ve got another guest review for you this week, this time from legendary porn star @chadhuntremixed!!
Hey Guys,
Legendary Super Hung Superstar Chad Hunt here with some hot new items that may tickle your fanny, I mean, fancy. Well, it may tickle something, anyways. My good friend Greg, from Undies101.com, was left wanting more from my guest bulge appearance and like a hungry bottom, needed it bad. One thing is for sure, my bulge can fill a need and provide more. Next thing I knew, my own “box” was stuffed with two–well, my mailbox was stuffed with two great items, that is.
Greg sure knew how to give it to me good. When my box opened up, this is what I received:
1. Marco Marco jockstrap. Size: Large  Style: Slate  Color: Silver  Materials: 83% Polyester 17 Spandex
2. PoolBoy Mens Swim Brief. Size: Large  Style: Mesh  Color: Red  Materials: 80% Nylon 20% Elastane
Marco Marco Jockstrap
Rating: Hook Up Material
If you happened to read my guest bulge appearance, you know that for me, if I ain’t going commando, then there’s nothing better than a nice, sexy jockstrap. Not a whole lot of surprises here. Jocks are perfect because you get to be practically naked while still maintaining an ounce of mystery. They are easy on and easy off providing great functionality. The silver patterned fabric with neon yellow strip down the center are immediately eye catching. Perfect if, like me, you spend a fair amount of time go-go dancing in bar lighting. The whole point here is to be noticed. The material in and of itself is comfortable, but could stand to be a bit more stretchable. I’ve said to friends many times that men’s underwear should be similar to pants in that there is a waist and inseam, but in underwear it should be waist and pouch size. As we all know, some guys are less gifted than others. Some guys have what it takes to fill a pouch out, but then there are those of us who are BLESSED. There’s nothing worse than grabbing a pouch full of air because of an abundance of material…well, except maybe how uncomfortable it is to have one of your balls pop out the side. I generally wear a small waistband with my 31″ waist but needed a large in this brand so you may want to go up a size or 2 for fit. All in all, they are great if you have a hot hook up on the way over and you want to look great, then this jock is great. I’m happy to add it to my jocks that make a statement collection.
PoolBoy Mens Swim Brief
Rating: Match Made in Heaven
Patrons of Santa Monica Beach last Saturday thought they were experiencing the effects of global warming, but all the heat that day was emanating from me in my red PoolBoy mesh mens swim brief. Even Donald Trump couldn’t deny the climate change experienced by men and women that day going from 0 to horny in under 5 seconds. My followers on twitter at ChadHuntReMiXed will tell you I’m definitely a fan of men’s brief cut swimwear. These aren’t as daring as micro briefs nor as enveloping as granny pansies settling on “sheer” perfection. I wore these all day long before during and after the beach forgetting to remove them from under my shorts til bedtime. That’s how comfortable they were to wear. The mesh styling helps dramatically with keeping beach sand from staying in places it doesn’t belong. The only draw back for me was the fact that I again had to go up in size from a small to a large in order to accommodate my bulge. If you want to look hot but keep yourself cool, wearing something modest enough for a family beach but still offering oglers some philanthropy then this is the right suit for you.
 WE hope that you enjoyed all of Chad, and we hope that he’ll come back and bulge with us again!! He’s been kind enough to give us links to his twitter accounts, so feel free to give him a follow!!
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