Hi guys! We’ve got a treat for you! We’ve got Theon Nord making his guest bulge debut with us! We follow him on Flickr and we thought we’d reach out and ask him if he’d like to be a guest bulge. He agreed, and we posed the standard Guest Bulge Questions to him and here are all his answers and the sexy photos he sent back for us to enjoy!

The Basics:



How old are you? 41

How do you identify – gay

Single, dating, married? Married 

How big is your endowment – 17cm  Cut

More Advanced Questions:

What got you into underwear? I love sexy underwear, I love how it caresses the body, gives it a definition, I also found out that guys get really excited when their sex partner is wearing sexy underwear and that if you post underwear photos you get laid much quicker 🙂 Also because of the Internet I had access to online stores offering great underwear and then I really started exploring my limits

What style of underwear do you usually wear and why? Almost all of my underwear are jocks, some thongs. Jocks are great, you feel naked but your package is kept in place. In the summer you sweat less and guys who like to fuck guys get totally excited by them. I also have some thongs , but those are mainly just for sex , not the most comfortable feeling on my hole


What kind of underwear did you grow up wearing and why did you switch (if you have)? Well, don’t remember what I was wearing as a child, when I got to a boarding school, one of the guys who was with me in the room (totally hot), was wearing bikini underwear and then I switched because those were really sexy in my eyes . When I was old enough , I would buy thongs when I went abroad . But only about 10 years ago I discovered how comfortable jocks are and then I switched all my underwear to jocks. I do have some bikinis , I wear those when I am afraid of getting arrested (I am a vegan activities), and I really don’t want the prison inmates to see me wearing these
What is your favourite style to wear and why? Jocks , for sure, also those when there is a frontal opening for the cock, those are amazing 
What style underwear do you feel sexiest in? Well, I’m a bottom and I get many compliments for my naturally smooth ass and hole, so I prefer jocks, I find them most complimenting my ass
Why do you like showing off in your underwear? I am a nudist, I don’t believe we should be ashamed in our bodies, I am normally naked at the beach and anywhere possible. So, for me wearing underwear is actually being modest 🙂 
How big is your underwear collection? I’d see 50 pairs , I change my collection every few years, I like variation in style and colors 
Is there a style of underwear you absolutely won’t wear? (panties, thongs, boxers, etc.) Long boxers , I believe those are being worn by American. These are horrible. It designed to hide any feature of the male body: legs, cock, muscles . As for panties , also not me , I do have lace half transparent underwear but those are designed for men .


We hope that you’ve enjoyed Theon’s guest bulge, and as always, let us know what your thoughts are, either in the comments section here, or on any of our social media outlets! Hopefully we’ll be seeing all of you and more of Theon soon!

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