Hey guys…CubUndies here with a review of my new “Enlarge It” boxer briefs, by AussieBum.

So I have to admit, AussieBum is one of my favorite brands, and I wear ALOT of their stuff. I was very familiar with their Wonderjock technology, so when I saw they had a new line of enhancement underwear, I jumped. Now like most enhancement underwear, there is a compartment for you to put ur junk into…and I have to say, this compartment was comfortable.

Now as far as enhancement is concerned…I found that it wasn’t as noticeable as with the wonderjock line that AussieBum has. The pouch is more relaxed in the Enlarge It line, and the WonderJock are more snug for sure. But I will admit, im more of the average endowment, so maybe a larger man would notice a bigger difference haha. 

Other features of this underwear is that there are double vents on either side of the pouch, which add airflow and keep ur boys cool…always nice. Overall, these undies are totally comfortable, have some features that make them different and stand out from other brands and styles, and they are super comfortable..but if you’re looking for more of a bulge, id probably go with the classic WonderJock. 

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