Hi guys! You’ve seen his guest bulge post, but we have the super sexy Logan Vaughn – yes, @theloganvaughn – back with us for a guest review today. We sent him a pair of sexy Standard Issue Bamboo briefs in Black from Bear Skn. Here are his thoughts. @theloganvaughn

I was sent the Bear Skn Bamboo Brief in black. They are a medium which seems ample enough for my physique but I would like to have a large in these guys to have more crotch space. The junk feels a little crammed in there, which is something I’m not used to as most of my underwear either has a pouch or is more elastic. It could be that I’m not used to wearing the “tighty whitey” style of underwear and maybe it will feel normal to other people. The Bear Skn Bamboo Brief is legit 96% bamboo! If you’re not familiar with clothing made from bamboo, then you need to feel them to believe how amazing they are. Bamboo makes for an ultra-soft and cool fabric and can keep you a few degrees cooler in direct sunlight. I have shirts made from the stuff and I love them. The Bear Skn Bamboo Brief are no exception either, they feel cool and soft. Bear Skn has an assortment of colors on their website including striped patterns! You can check them out at bearskn.com to see all they have to offer. My specific brief can be found at https://www.bearskn.com/collections/briefs/products/2-pack-bamboo-standard-issue-brief-black


I love how they feel and how cool they are! They also have a vented area behind the crotch that is even more helpful at keeping you cool. My biggest complaint is that they feel too small around my junk and can get uncomfortable after a prolonged period of wear. I wouldn’t wear these right after shaving! I’m sure they would cause all kinds of in-grown hairs and the like. They are marketed to the bear community and most of these individuals are hairy and don’t plan on shaving… maybe not even at all! So, for that crowd, these are perfect. Very comfortable (I’d probably recommend buying a size larger than normal), cool, and there are many other colors and color combos in this same style. I’d personally rate these as dating material if we get breaks from one another. For those of you who like this style and who don’t shave frequently, I’d firmly believe these are a match made in heaven.

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