We’ve got legendary Chad Hunt back with us reviewing some Bear Skn  (@bearskn) Boxer Briefs today. We sent him along a pair of their black boxerbriefs and here’s his review:

Rating: Dating Material

Guess what’s back, back again, Chad’s bugle is back, tell a friend, guess what’s back, guess what’s back, guess what’s back, guess what’s back, guess what’s back , Uh, uh, uh … Takin’ you boys back in time and rock’n it old school as I wear my new Bear Skn undies boxer briefs generously given to me for review by everyone’s favorite undiesfan, undiesboy. Here’s what was in store for my bulge this week:


Bear Skn Boxer Briefs … Size: Medium Style: Standard Issue Color: Black Materials: 95% Rayon Bamboo, 5% Elastine. Available at: https://www.bearskn.com/collections/packs/products/2-pack-bamboo-standard-issue-boxer-brief-black


You may be wondering why I opened with my cheap parody of that classic Eminem song. Well, that’s how long it’s been since I wore any type of boxers, when Eminem had a hit song. LOL


Having said that, these boxer briefs are exactly the type of underwear I like. The type that feel as if you’re not wearing any at all. No more itchy tags here. The tagless waistband has extra stretch to reduce the appearance of your waistline. Plus, it’s made in soft, lightweight bamboo fabric. Living in California we love anything that helps keep us cool in summer heat and the sheerness of the fabric along with the Bear Skn signature breathable mesh zone, located where your balls are comfortably nestled, allow for free flowing of air. I’m actually so fond of these that I’m going to order myself a few pairs in various colors. You can too at BearSkn.com

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