If the vibe is right, the feeling is right. Am I right? Well, these Andrew Christian Vibe tights set the right tone for me this morning. They have a nice pouch and show you off nicely. I pulled them on for the gym, since the gym shorts I had for the day were super short and I just loved them so much, I decided that I wasn’t going to wear the shorts over them after all. vibe

I had an amazing workout showing off in just my tights. I did feel a bit on display as my shirt rode up a few times during the workout, but that’s what you get when you wear tights to the gym, right? The vibe was right!

Came up to the apt for a shower and to get ready for work and knew that I would be pulling a thong on for the day. I had ordered a few pieces from Cheap Undies for the brand Envy recently, and the pair of briefs I recently wore, I wasn’t thrilled with. This thong I had high hopes for.

It has a nicely defined pouch area, and I was super excited to get it on for the day. It is a semi-sheer fabric and that gives it a nice sexy feel. It is a M/L as they size S/M, M/L and L/XL. Waist wise, I was safe in the M/L and as I was pulling this thong on, I still thought I had a good one. But to get myself into the defined pouch area, the back of the thong needed to ride so low it was as if I didn’t have anything on. What’s the point. If you put the back in the right position, you weren’t fully in the pouch and getting crushed a bit. I put it on with the back very low and we’ll see what happens through out the day.

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