Hi guys! We haven’t had a theme month in a while, so I thought we’d try and get back on track with them. Welcome to Jocktober! We hope you enjoy! I’m hoping that we get all of our bloggers weighing in this month…maybe they’ll tell you why they love jockstraps…maybe they’ll tell you why they hate them…maybe they’ll tell you why they’re undecided about them. I’m just hoping that we see a post from all of them! jocktober

For me, my journey to enjoying jocks began with a fellow blogger. RWraith55 and I used to write for another underwear blog, and we became fast friends. Anyway…the sexiness that is RWraith55 is a jock lover! His love for jocks was infectious and he encouraged me to try the out, and guided me to some good brands and styles, and, if I remember correctly, sent me a few of his to try out. I’ll forever be grateful as I now really enjoy wearing them.

Wherever you fall on the jockstrap spectrum we hope that you’ll follow us along and enjoy all that jocktober has to offer you! For me, I’m starting Jocktober posts by wearing this black mesh Andrew Christian jockstrap. It’s the old school mesh style that he used to use in jocks and briefs. Super comfortable to wear.

Undies101 wants to know…don’t forget to vote in the poll!

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