Alright guys… I’ve got a new brand for you to add to your underwear collection…Wood Underwear.

Wood’s mission is simple, to create comfortable, affordable, and stylish underwear for every man. I had heard of this brand from different web-blogs, and I finally got myself a couple pairs to try out. Wood makes all the styles you woukd want, hip brifs, classic briefs, trunks, boxer briefs,  I got the forest camo boxer brief, biker briefs, and long underwear.

And the Midnight Striate Briefs

So the first thing I noticed when I unpackaged my underwear was the fabric. Wood Underwear uses a Tencel blend in their underwear. If you aren’t familiar with Tencel, basically it’s a sustainable by product of wood. This wood is farmed, and not taken out of our natural forests…so A+ for environmentally friendly…good job!. Tencel also wicks moisture, and breaths to keep your boys cool…and its super soft.

So I wore my new underwear to work over a 2 day period, and had a great experience. Both the briefs and boxer briefs held up during my work day as I ran around for 8hrs on my feet. I didnt have any uncomfortable bunching, or riding up…I can’t stand it when boxer briefs ride up during the day. When I got home, and took my pants off…my Wood wasn’t stretched out of shape or anything…A+. Now im about a 33-34 inch waist, and I was wearing a size M…they were a tad on the small side, which their custimer service did advise me of before I got them. So maybe a Large would have fit better…but im not complaining….the Tencel blend stretched alot, and fit my body well.

As for affordability, Wood does a good job with making their product cost effective. They average range is $24-$28…which is a bit below what alot of other brands charge. I would say that Wood Underwear has earned a place in my underwear drawer, and I will definitely be purchasine a few more pairs. A company that prioritizes making a product that is affordable, top quality, and environmentally friendly deserves our support. Definetly go out any try something new and get some Wood in your pants 😉

Right now wood has selected styles on for 50%off…hurry and get in on the SALE



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