Gentlemen, have you ever wondered why men’s underwear isn’t available in different pouch sizes? Let’s face it, our junk is not all the same size, and we deserve underwear that fits like it was made for us. Enter Mckillop.


Mckillop originated in Vancouver, Canada…hat’s off to my fellow Canadian, and they have taken men’s underwear to a new level. They know that all men are not created equal in the package department, and offer made to order underwear with different pouch sizes…let’s take a look:

This is awesome. You choose the right pouch size based on this chart…SIMPLE. This will ensure that you get the perfect fit, with none of the problems. As I also mentioned before, when you place your order, your underwear is made then and there….that’s right….made to order guys. Now before I get to my personal review, I discovered something about Mckillop that really reinforced my purchase. Mckillop is committed and dedicated to human rights. They offer employees great wages, bonuses, insurance, day care, vacation days, sick days, and the list goes on. This is a company you SHOULD be supporting ❤.

So then I received my undies.

When I put my hands on these undies, I oooooooo’d and awwwwwwww’d…they are soft. Then I put them on and OMG. Without a doubt, this brand could be one of the most comfortable that I’ve ever worn. They hug you in all the right spots. Now you have so many choices to choose from on their site. You can get bulge enhancing, butt enhancing, classis styling. You can get underwear styles with elastic, without elastic…so many options to get you that perfect fit. Take a look:

When I put each of my pairs on, I instantly noticed the “bulge effect”…Mckillop delivers the bulge of your dreams. I honestly couldn’t stop looking at it. So your boys are gonna be very happy in these. The other thing I really liked about the underwear was the elastic. Some of the undies have elastic around the butt and legs…and it felt great. It’s hard to describe, but you felt locked and loaded, ready to go…I loved it. After a week of wearing my Mckillop styles, I had no complaints of how they held up during the day. I was so comfy, and noticed that I carried myself better because of that locked and loaded feeling I described earlier.

Now, as for affordability…Mckillop stacks up well. You are looking at $20-$30 for most of the underwear styles, which is seriously amazing considering you’re getting something made to order, and customized to your pouch preference. I have personally fallen in love with Mckillop. I highly recommend trying them out if you haven’t already. You will be surprised at the difference that a custom pair of underwear can make. Mckillop, great job…guys, GO TRY THEM!.


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