Hey guy’s. Im bringing you something new to the website. Besides our love for underwear, most of us men have another love…sex. Weather it be with that someone special, or taking matters into our own hands, we all need and want a great lube. This one inparticular is really something special.


  1. Uberlube’s mission was simple. To set out and make a product that will let people enjoy sex more…and they definetly succeded in my opinion. The first thing that I loved was the packaging.

Uberlube has packaged their product in a very classy and sophisticated way. They look like something you’d find in a high end spa. I’m definitely not going to be embaressed if I leave the bottle out on my nightstand.

Now for the product itself. Uberlube is a silicone based personal lubricant, that is safe to use with all condoms. Their lubricant formula does not harbor yeast, mold or bacteria-and it needs no preservatives, alcohol, or antimicrobials. This makes it safe to use on the body…and that’s important. Uberlube also promises that its formula will not turn sticky after use, and that it will easily dissipate when finished using it. That’s a pretty good promise i think. So here was my experience. I used Uberlube for masturbation, and for sex, and here was my findings. The lube is so lightweight and not greasy. Like most silicone lubes, it felt silky and smooth when I was using it. I really enjoyed the length of time that it lasted before having to re-apply. Without getting to graphic, in a 30min masturbation session I only added a few extra drops once. During an hour of sex I reapplied once as well. As promised, there was no sticky, gross residue after use. I showered and cleaned up as usual, and I was just left with skin that felt very moisturized…it felt great actually. Uberlube also has no perfume or scent to it which is a bonus in my opinion. ┬áBut you can use Uberlube for things other than sex. This is where the clever travel cases come in handy.

Uberlube is great for people who do sports activites and need help with chafing. Apply a few drops to the area you desire, and you are set to go. The fact that this is a silicone based lubricant means that it can be used in water, so for swimmers, this is a great choice. Uberlube has created a travel case so that you can discreetly carry your lubricant, and eliminate spillage. Pick from silver or black, and you are set to go. Keep it in your gym bag, your car, and you will always be set….smart move Uberlube!. You can purchase refill packs for your travel cases as well.

Other uses include, using it after shaving to prevent razor burn, addint some to your hair to help with frizz, it can even be applied to tattoo’s to bring out the color in them. I’m definitely happy with this lube for many reasons. The fact that the formula is safe for almost all activities is great. I LOVE the non sticky after feeling. But Im a sucker for the packaging too. Uberlube definitely has that high end look and and a high quality product for the price….take a look:


I’m definitely going to continue using Uberlube, and you should give it a shot for yourself. Like their motto says, “feeling is everything”. Thanks guys!


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