Hi guys! I posted my purple Bonds trunks on Saturday in the #forsaleortrade section of the blog and I’m going to be posting a few more pair this week as well. On Sunday I wore these black Jack Adams briefs, which, while comfortable are not ones that are going to be making their way back into my rotation. So, they are up for grabs.

Today I wore these pink Brave person bikini briefs. Again, super soft, super silky feeling and super easy to wear, but won’t make it back into my regular collection. While I really enjoy both pair, I just have way too many undies and decisions have to be made. I don’t want to live with this many pair anymore, so some just have to be passed on to fellow underwear lovers. #forsaleortrade

If you’re interested in either pair, or any pair that I have in the #forsaleortrade section of the blog, reach out and email me and we can discuss. I’m open for sales or trades and I’m not looking to make a mint on any of them, so don’t be shy!

Undies101 wants to know…don’t forget to vote in the poll!

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