“Sometimes you need to be dirty to know how good you really are”


That is the Dirt Squirrel motto…and it’s true. Dirt Squirrel is newer to the underwear scene, but they are definitely a heavy hitter in the underwear department. They are a fun, sexy, and controversial brand who wants to get into your pants…and they got into mine…and I’m glad they did. As a Canadian, I was super excited to find this brand which was born in Vancouver, B.C….not too far away from myself. Dirt Squirrel offers Briefs, Boxer Briefs, Trunks, Jockstraps, and other goodies as well. Lets take a look at what I got.

First up, is my new favorite pair of boxer briefs….and I’m serious when I say that.

So these baby’s are soooooooooooo comfy, I can’t state that enough. They are made from a bamboo blend material which is so light, that is basically disappears when you put them on. My junk was in pure bliss with the softness. One of the other big benefits of using bamboo is that it is sustainable. This type of thinking is very important in today’s world, high five guys. Now as I’v said before, I work on my feet all day, running around. One of the problems I can face during the day is having thr leg on my underwear ride up, and re-adjustments need to happen. Dirt Squirrel earned an A+ in this department from me. The smaller leg elastics were awesome, and I had no complaints as I went through my day….good job guys!. Now for something a little bit different. How about some lace guy’s?

Men’s lace underwear has been a big trend this past year, with alot of the big brands jumping on board…so why not. I got a lace jock brief…and I gotta say…they were comfy. I loved that the pouch was that bamboo blend material and not the lace, I think a lace pouch might have rubbed a bit. These are for the guy that wants something fun, trendy, and different…if you aren’t a confident man, these aren’t for you. I wore them throughout my day with no complaints. These lace undies are just as comfy as the rest. But with these you get that added excitement of knowing that you’r wearing something more sexy under your pants. Any of us guy’s that are big underwear enthusiasts need to try a pair, just because it’s something new. I enjoyed my trip on the wild side.

So for any of you guy’s looking for a new brand to add to your collection, you need some Dirt Squirrel in your drawers. I absolutely love the product. I honestly couldn’t get over the softness and comfort of them. I gotta get me a few more pairs…their briefs look great. And the prices range from $17.95-$20.95….that’s insane! Majority of underwear at this calibre usually costs around $30/pair. So go, get your nuts covered by Dirt Squirrel…you are gonna love them.


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