so, are the days of our lives. Spring Ahead, Fall Back…lose an hour, gain an hour. The hours still keep ticking on by, and much like the sands in the hourglass…there’s no stopping them. After we “fell back” this weekend in the US, I don’t feel like I’ve gained an extra hour. I am tired, sleepy, weary. I am going to need to get a different groove of sleep going soon, as it’s affecting my weight loss/gain. But more on that later this week. hours

For today, it’s back to the office and I’m wearing these turquoise Andrew Christian Almost Naked briefs. They are so super comfortable and I really love having these on under my jeans. They show off a nice bit of bulge and I do feel as though I’m almost naked. I do love this line from him and there’s a LOT of it in my collection.

Speaking of my collection, it is in a constant state of flux and more keeps getting added to the won’t wear again pile as I continue to go through my stuff. Almost every day last week I wore a pair that was for sale or trade – so if you want to own a piece of Undiesboy – feel free check out that tab and be in touch!

Undies101 wants to know…don’t forget to vote in the poll!

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