Pantydrawer here, with a #jocktober twist for you guys, a few days late, but better late than never! Okay, so I admit that this is different for me. I thought for a long time that jockstraps were completely on the other side of the spectrum from what I was going for, so I had never really got into the idea or thought about it. But I guess there were a lot of things that I had never really thought about, like how well dresses and urinals go hand in hand (Seriously, it’s like they were invented for each other).  So when I started thinking about what a shame it is that I can’t go commando in a dress for a Halloween party…and seeing all of the #jocktober posts on my dash…it suddenly clicked, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner!

I spent the first hour or so of my new jockstrap just walking around the house, folding my laundry and putting dishes away, amazed at how naked I felt, but more amazed at how it felt like my own nakedness. See, I started with briefs, and then moved to panties and thongs, but at its core, not a lot has changed about my underwear preferences. I’ve always kept my business tucked in tight and close. Always in the same place. Not inaccessible, but within my control. As far from boxers as you can get, on a philosophical level. Before the jockstrap, it had always felt like I was sharing my nudity with my junk, that while it had a mind of its own, we were enjoying a sense of freedom separate from the other. With the jockstrap, a garment that’s essentially a pouch with a waistband, I got the feeling of being naked without all of the hassle. What else could a girl want?

Next I put on a dress and a pair of stockings to run some errands, and spent the day as commando as I’ve ever been. Sitting in the cold chairs at the DMV, I realized that I maybe should’ve worn a longer dress my first time in public, but it all became a part of the thrill as I felt exactly how far the dress rode up every time I sat down.pantydrawer

The jockstrap came from 2Xist, the underwear/activewear/swimwear company based in New York City, and there are plenty of jockstrap options available at My pair is in patriotic red, white, and blue, size medium, and the straps branch around to the sides, just near the front, but not too severe. I didn’t know if I should expect a lift-and-separate kind of action in the back, or what, but after a moment or two, the whole garment just kind of disappears. I would have to try a small to see if it would fit more snugly or just not fit anymore, but it did seem like there was room for it to cut in a little bit to turn it from underwear that disappears into underwear that actively shapes me. I’m not even sure which I’d prefer right now, but I can say that I have a newfound excitement for jockstraps, and they’ll become a part of my regular wear. I’m going to call these a Match Made in Heaven and see if things get better. That’s it for now!

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