Hey underwear lovers, we have for the next few weeks a review once a week from a brand called kingstyleunderwear. Check out their page kinstyleunderwear.com they have a different way of making underwear. These underwear come in series and you have to check out the webpage to see the full explaination. i have never bought these before till greg told me about them i haven’t heard of them. they have been around for a while and have avery cool theory on holding your junk. kingstyleunderwear.com/aboutus

i have been sent series D / outward, brief in white size large I’m usually a medium but since its a foreign company i sized up. giving you guys direct links to pair and series explanations.  kingstyleunderwear.com/series-d .  they come 4 different colors but some how or another i always end up with white.

so when i first opened these up i was majorly confused, like where does my penis go where do my balls go, whats this flap for? and seriously if you have a big penis it will stick out the flap! the mesh for your balls is nice keeps you very airy. the out ward piece it took me a few times to understand but i did figure it out and then i was like lightbulb click you put your penis in the slot and them u can move it forward and to the left or right. i will say my balls didn’t stay in the pouch, it could be that i don’t have big balls, but if you do have big ones i can’t figure how you will fit them in. otherwise the booty fit is perfect, the leg openings are great the overall comfort is perfect. i just think my anatomy isn’t made for certain pairs like i don’t have jumbo penis and i don’t have big balls dam i so white lol.  

i rate these as dating material, maybe cause I’m still a little confused on how to wear them lol but otherwise i have enjoyed these.


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